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Truth about incident at Asheville City Schools

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010, Bill Konkle, wrote:


I am very privy to the truth about what happened at the Asheville City School as my son (who was there) is the project manager for the work being done at the school.

Here is what exactly happened:

Don Simms (maintenance supervisor at the school) approached the Eskola (correct spelling) Roofing Co. foreman with a message from the vice principal. The message was this: there was a good chance of vandalism to the work van because of the vanity plate. That is all that was said. The foreman then for safety sake voluntarily removed the plate for the two days they were on the job. End of story. Only 4 or 5 people were aware of this. How it got blown out of proportion is anyones guess. The school administration or anyone at the school DID NOT order anyone to remove the plate. Hope this straightens things out.

Bill Konkle
Bradford/Rose Camp 1638 SCV
Morristown, TN



From: HK Edgerton –
Date: Wed, Oct 20, 2010
Subject: Re: Truth about incident at Asheville City Schools
To: Bill Konkle –

Dear Mr. Konkle,

Prior to receiving your email message, I was in the process of responding to Superintendent Allen on his investigation into this matter. However, as your response somewhat mirrors his, I shall copy my response here to him. And I might add that he did not mention the Vice Principal’s involvement in this matter.

First of all, under what premise does the Vice Principal have that would lead (her or him) to conclude that the students of Asheville High School would conduct a horrendous act on a vehicle bearing the Southern Cross. It is this kind of unsubstantiated speculation that has led to the unwarrantable ban of the symbol of the Confederate Flag in schools and in a large part business across this nation.

I totally disagree that this act is blown out of proportion. I can only conclude that this Vice Principal and the students of Asheville High school need a real history lesson about the honorable men and women who bore the Christian Cross of St. Andrew, and those who proudly wear and display it.

The largest monument in testimony to the men and women of the Confederacy is that of the Honorable Zebulon B. Vance in the heart of downtown Asheville, Governor Vance was not only a War Between the States Governor, but also a Confederate Officer. His name is proudly used by one of the oldest chartered Sons of Confederate Veteran Camps (Zebulon Vance Camp #15) in Asheville. And the City of Asheville came very close to being named the Capitol of the Confederate States of America.

And I might add that my brothers and I were bestowed Honorary memberships to the Vance Camp under the leadership of the Honorable Roger McCredie, who was not only the Camp Commander, but also the National Heritage Defense Chair for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and now the Director of the Southern Legal Resource Center whose primary charge is to defend and protect citizens against these kind of actions by the Vice Principal and (his or her) agents.

The irony for me is that this incident comes right at the anniversary of the Historic March Across Dixie, where at this very monument on October 14, 2002, I began a march from Asheville to Austin, Texas, donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier, carrying this noble and honorable banner, educating folks all along the way about the place of honor and dignity that folks who look just like me earned under it besides a man that they not only called Master, but family and friend.

I would suggest that if the students at Asheville High need the same lesson about the men and women of this State who were the farthest at Gettysburg, and died protecting their homeland against an illegal invasion, I and others would be honored to give it to the students and staff at Asheville High. I am ashamed that any vistor to our City would be made to feel uncomfortable about a display of this honorable symbol. God bless you.

HK Edgerton
Southern Heritage 411


From: Bill Konkle –
Date: Wed, Oct 20, 2010
Subject: Re: Truth about incident at Asheville City Schools
To: HK Edgerton –

Mr. Edgerton,

Thank you for your quick response. When I said “out of proportion” I should have said that the facts were not correctly stated on your website. I am sure that my son said the “vice principal”. As far as his (principal or vice principal) motivation to tell them that it might be in their best interest to remove the plate that is not for me to judge. Only he and God know the answer to that question. As far as the school needing a history lesson I totally concur. Ignorance does a great deal of damage. My main concern was that the facts needed to be reported correctly, not any thing more or less at this point.

I commend you for your efforts in defense of our noble heritage and our FLAG. I would defend her to the death if called upon. Your walk across the South is a real inspiration to many of us. Keep up the great work.

By the way, the plate that was put on that work van was purchased by me and put on the van by me more than a year ago. I used to drive that van when I worked for the company. The Battle Flag and Confederate bumper stickers on my personal truck are never removed no matter were I go. I wear a battle flag pin or t shirt proudly were ever I go. I am honored that my ancestors fought for such a glorious cause.

Your obedient servant in the Cause,

Bill Konkle
Recruiter and Graves Committee Chairman
Bradford/Rose Camp 1638