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Another Honor / An Open Report

At the request of the State Commander of the Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Honorable Mike Beck, on Saturday morning, October 30, 2010, I would don the uniform of the Southern soldier, and in a program sponsored by the Sons and the American Red Cross, I would find myself in the role of a Confederate Steward in the Old Bethesda Church in Morris Town, Tennessee. The Church was the site of a Confederate Hospital that served as a neutral facility that cared for Union and Confederate wounded.

It was particularly important for me as one of my great, great relatives , that I was informed by the Honorable Dr. Frady Wilson of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina had ( sons of Hettie Edgerton ) gone off to war with the Honorable T.R. Edgerton who was a Surgeon with Captain’s rank in the Rutherfordton Home Guard, and served as his body servant and Steward. For me to serve in this role ranks right up there with being the offical Color Bearer to the Honorable Robert E. Lee, a role that I command alongside the Honorable David Chaltas in his role as the General. I am so very proud that the American red Cross would recognize the important role that the Confederate medical corps made to the advancement of medical science in America.