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Your Efforts Bring Great Honor to The South and our Country as a whole!

On Tue, Nov 16, 2010, John Anderson – wrote:

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

It is with great admiration and respect that I write to you this afternoon. I will not go into all the details and facts of why I take this opportunity to make contact with you at this time other than to say that from what I have read and heard of you, you are a man who I would like to tell my children and grandchildren that I met face to face and pass on to them the true history of our Southland and our Country as a whole.

As a little crippled (from polio) white boy my father had the honor of being one of Dr. George Washington Carver’s best friends and I have learned so much from his letters of Christian love and concern to my Dad. Simply, I suppose I have a strong desire to know you and claim you as my friend not only from a historical standpoint but more importantly from a connection of the heart and soul. Words are cheap, but your words touch a very sensitive cord in my heart which bears witness to our kinship and mutual love and desire to pass on to our children a treasure which has been berried in political correctness for far too long.

I can say without a doubt that after hearing your story I love you like a brother and will do all I can to spread the word concerning the truth of our heritage. From the bottom of my heart I send to you and your family my best wishes and blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. May God bless you all and protect you at all times.

My contribution to your organization will be forthcoming.

Thank you so much for your time,

John T. Anderson,
Pine Mountain, Georgia

Later in the day….

Mr. Edgerton, I have just written a check to be mailed to Southern Heritage 411 Inc. tomorrow morning. I hope that this will not be the last time that I am able to help in what I consider an exciting adventure of digging the truth from our Southern soil where our forefathers blood stained it crimson red.

As a boy I would sit and listen to my grandfather and great uncles tell stories told them by their fathers who fought for the Confederacy. I was told of the affection and close relationships they had with their slaves before and during the Civil War and with friends and sharecroppers after the war. I remember seeing in their eyes a sincere feeling of affection for the Black people in their neighborhood. But as I went through the public school system near Atlanta I somehow took the opinion that my grandmother and grandfather just might have told me of those close relationships more to make themselves feel better concerning the ungodliness of slavery than to deliver to me the absolute truth. After learning the truth over the last few years I feel ashamed of myself for allowing my mind to be spun by the public schools and political correctness. I have now come full circle and am right back where was when I sat on the porch of the old homeplace and listened to the stories that I loved so much. How happy I am to say with a “Shout” They were right all along. This realization came to me as I read old letters that a friend had that were written by a Confederate Officer during the war. Many times in his letters he told his wife to give his love to the Negro’s. In one letter he speaks of some Yankee prisoners coming through Ringgold, Georgia, (where I once lived) stating that “the Whites and Negros who guarded them traded two confederate dollars for one greenback.” I am not sure that the Negros were in uniform or not but I suspect they were. At any rate theywere doing service for their home and country. I always remember one of my great uncles Bob Frank Floyd telling me of when the Yankee Cavalry came down the road that I now live on in Troup County, Georgia and when a Union Officer threatened to burn the house that he was told that on of my relatives had just had a baby and was resting upstairs. The officer sent a Sergent up to see if there was indeed a lady there with a newborn baby. Upon his return he reported to the Officer that “yes there is a Brat up there. What I learned upon reading the history of Troup County recently is that one of my family’s Slaves tried to block the door and prevent the Yankee from entering the house. She was abruptly pushed out of the way as the Sergent made his unwelcome entrance. At any rate these are only a few things that have made me come to realize that much of the history that I learned in school was a deliberate effort to write history in a way that would devide the races and the government continues to do this with a passion at this very moment! I along with a Nephew of mine determined over a year ago to use what little voice we have to tell all who will listen the truth about our Southern Heritage no matter what the cost and nomatter who might slander us. In our conversations on this subject my Nephew Dwayne Anderson told me about you and I determined to look you up and jump on the train before it pulls out of the next station. I am very proud of you and thank you for lifting up the names of those forgotten heros who our children have a right to know and take pride in.

Thanks again for all that you do to preserve our true history!

John Anderson


From: HK Edgerton –
Date: Tue, Nov 16, 2010
Subject: Re: Your Efforts Bring Great Honor to The South and our Country as a whole!
To: John Anderson –

Dear John,

God bless you Sir, and thanks for the very kind message. Your lettter resonates like thousands that I have read for many years now. My only regret is that I didn’t have your letter in my possession to read to the babies, their teachers and parents at the Historical Re-enactments at Guyanadote, West Virginia, Ft. Dickerson in Tennessee, or at the Battle of Leatherwood in Kentucky where I hope I am invited again. For me, your letter and the many I have read are as important as the letters in the Slave Chronicles. They tell a different story than the one told by those who work daily to divide and separate White folks and Black folks in the southland of America