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End Of The Year / An Open Report

The Historical Re-enactment of the Battle of Leatherwood, a place of massive importance, because unlike far too many of these venues where Union Officers and Abraham Lincoln types are far too comfortable in the Southland of America portraying themselves as heroes and going unchallenged in their presentations to our children, parents and unknowledgeable educators by designed of the events in the body politic of the War Between the States; God bless the Honorable General Robert E. Lee as protrayed by the Honorable David Chaltas, and the organizers of the Historic Battle of Leatherwood who gave me the opportunity to rebut Lincoln after he finished his Leatherwood Address. Mr. Lincoln didn’t stick around long after I began to put to question his motives and actions, both criminal, unconstitutional, and immoral. (see the Corwin Amendment, Morill Act, lies told about the events surrounding Ft. Sumter, the military occupation of Kentucky, his sanction of the total war policy on innocent civilian population; the stealing, murdering, raping, burning of homes, food stores, animals, churches, hospitals and anything to sustain Southern life by his military).

From Leatherwood, I would head on to Guyandotte, West Virginia to participate in it’s educational component of Guyandotte’s 21’st Civil War Days event.

From the pulpit of the infamous First Guyandotte Baptist Church, where Union soldiers had twice failed in their attempts to burn the church, and upon the third try, would pile straw in the middle of the floor and fail again to burn the church down, I the son of former slaves would give the keynote address to the Mayor, his townspeople, and the many visitors who packed the little church, and later on to the children, parents and administrators I would again speak about the place of honor and dignity earned by a people who looked like me beside a man that he not only called master, but family and friend.

It had been a high honor for me to serve as a Confederate Color Guard in the battle that took place on Saturday afternoon. And yet again, with the Honorable Stan Clardy playing background music, I would be asked to recite to the throngs of people who gathered on main street for the Memorial service on Sunday, the Honorable Dr. Michael Bradley’s famous poem, titled “I Am Their Flag”. Afterwards, the cheers and accolades were heart warming.

From Guyandotte, I would head to the Living Historical Re-enactment of the Battle of Ft. Dickerson in Knoxville, Tennessee where, at the invitation of Ms. Laura Regan and the United Daughters of the Confederacy, I would speak on the School Day event to hundreds of school children, their parents and educators.

On Wednesday, December 22, 2010, donned in the uniform of the southern soldier, I would park my car in the parking lot of my favorite eating place, “Dixie Barbecue” in Johnson City, Tennessee. And with the Southern Cross in hand, began to march up North Roan Street. I would stop and pose for pictures, shake hands, and even sign my name several times. After about three miles, I decided that I would stop at a red light at North Roan intersecting Pickens Bridge and Boones Creek Roads, take a short break, and head back to Dixie Barbecue, polish off one of Mr. Howell’s chickens, hug the pretty waitresses and head home. However, just as I was about to leave, out of the parking lot from across the guard rail behind me came two men. One middle age white man and a somewhat older distinguished looking Black man carrying a pad and pencil.

My first thought was that they were reporters of some sort looking for a story. Then in a very threatening voice, the white man told me that I was going to have to get the hell off his property, and out from in front of his business, or he was going to have me removed. In the calmest voice that I could muster, I told him that he was wrong, and that I was standing not on his property, but my own. I pointed out to him that I was standing on the public easement, and that before he came down there, I was about to leave, but because I didn’t care much for his tone or attitude, I wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. And the only suggestion that I had for him was to call the police.

He retorted that I was trying to ruin his business (Zak’s Furniture). The whole time that we were standing there, people were blowing their car horns, screaming out my name, the rebel yell. I told him that his business was the farthest thing from my mind, and it appeared to me that I just might be helping his business on this day. He told me he was tired of talking to me and it was up to me to do it the hard way or the easy way and leave. He stomped his feet and stormed off with the black man following behind, having never said one word.

After about forty five minutes, just as I had surmised that the police weren’t coming, a police car showed up, parked, and a mighty fine Johnson City police officer exclaimed, “HK is that you”? Yes sir I responded. Well, we’ve had several complaints about you. I shrugged my shoulders as if to say, bring them on. I told him about the man, and before I could finish, he said that I could stay there as long as I wanted as long as I stayed on the sidewalk and did not hang my flag in the street in the vision of the traffic. He reiterated that I was in the Public easement. As he was leaving, he turned and asked where I was standing when the man talked to me? I told him, the same place I am now. Have a good day and Merry Christmas HK was his reply. God bless the Finest of Johnson City. I would stay for another hour and then head on back to Dixie Barbecue, and have at that fine chicken and hold great conversation with Mr. Howell about the days activities.

In conclusion, as the year ends I have had a front seat on the attack on Christianity and Jesus Christ and the Christian Principles that make up Southern social cultural values, the attack on the Confederate Constitutional Republic as established by our Founding fathers and whose surmise began on April 9, 1865, watched as a highly regarded Florida politician lost his seat because of an unprecedented attack upon his character because of his open support of the Battle flag on Hwy. 75 in Tampa, watched babies stripped of their limited First Amendment Rights in the public school system because administrators play with a different set of rules if they are anti-Southern, and are supported by a hostile judiciary that allows them to manipulate the spirit of Tinker vs. the Demoine School district, the main line of defense for most of these school children who have the gall to make a stand for their Southern heritage, and arguably for the dignity and rights of all Americans as described in the Constitution and its Preamble. And yet I am convinced that the time is near for the vindication of my Southern family from the pond of scum placed upon them by those who removed their dignity with a stroke of the pen and the aid of the military, school, press, and judiciary. I can only ask that those who truly believe in the vision of our Founding fathers aid those who fight tirelessly towards those ends. God bless you all, have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.