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An Open Report – Celebrating The Sesquicentennial In Texas

No greater honor could ever be bestowed upon the Sons of former Southern Slaves or the Table of Brotherhood prepared any better than it was prepared for my little brother Terry Lee and I in Texas as we began our journey through our homeland on a series of lectures celebrating the lives of not only the brave men, but also the brave women and children in this, the Sesquicentennial year of the War Between the States.

It was fitting and proper that we began this journey in Texas as we prepare for next year and the ten year anniversary of the Historic March Across Dixie that carried us through seven states and seventy seven cities donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier, carrying the Southern Cross twenty miles a day or more, and importantly carrying a different tale than the one told by those who would desecrate our flag, the memories of our loved ones, and the place of honor and dignity earned by a man beside a man that he not only called master, but family and friend; no matter the pressure placed upon us by the poverty pimps and their northern masters to turn us all into traitors of our homeland as they come again amongst us like the carpetbaggers of old with the same Reconstruction modus operandi of dividing and separating Southern Black folks and Southern White folks using slavery as his war cry as though intelligent Black folks don’t know and understand that the whole of the civilized world, including the thugs of Africa, were complicit in the economic institution of slavery.

I certainly would be remiss in my duties if I did not thank Commander Frank Johnson and the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Texas Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Children of the Confederacy of Texas, the Texas Order of the Confederate Rose, the Asheville Tribune Newspaper, and Dixie Outfitters for helping us launch this journey that takes us next to Greenville, Tennessee on Saturday, February 5, 2011 for the celebration of Lee/Jackson at the John Hunt Morgan Mansion, then on to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp in Union, South Carolina on February 14, 2011; the Ross Camp of the Sons on February 15, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I will be awaiting in 2012 the Democratic Party for the Presidential Primaries either as a demonstrator or as a Republican Presidential Candidate in 2012; and finally for the month of February for so called Black History month in downtown Latta, South Carolina, home of the brave young Candice Hardwick at the Masonic Lodge where the Sons of Confederate Veterans will honor the role of the many Blacks who not only fought on the side of the South, but earned honors in a variety of duties in support of General Lee’s beleaguered army, and hopefully should the funds be raised at the Battle of Aiken on Friday, February 25, 2011.

Finally, I would like to show appreciation to Ms. Deborah Deggs Cariker for the article she wrote announcing our arrival in Texas and the Houston Courier and Asheville Tribune for carrying that story. And to Ms. Chelsey Marie Hernandez, a 2008 Southern Belle who I shall ask to serve as my Vice President should I make a run for the White House in 2012.