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Re: Thanks / Facebook / March Across Dixie / An Open Letter

Date: Wed, Mar 30, 2011
Subject: Re: Thanks / Facebook / March Across Dixie / An Open Letter


Thanks for your note.

I believe you are making a significant contribution to our society. This is not only from a perspective of recognizing the contribution of black men to the Confederacy, but as a message for tolerance from those on either extreme of misunderstanding. Those who have a rabid objection to the concept of black men in the Confederate army, as well as others who wrap themselves in a blanket of political correctness preventing them from understanding your real purpose are forced to look reality in the eye.

For what it’s worth, I teach American History in a community college. Last year, when I was teaching the first semester course (U.S. to 1877), one of my students, a middle-aged black lady, wrote her term paper on black slave owners. She was stunned on what she learned about that, as well as to learn there were black soldiers in the Confederate Army. Her reaction was neither revulsion nor disbelief, but intellectual pleasure to learn something on her own about which she had never heard. It was a pleasure for me to see her research and learn something totally outside the boundaries of her experience.