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Dear Mark,

I am sorry that it took so long for me answer your email about returning to Texas. I have been so busy that I haven’t began to make real plans for the upcoming ten year anniversary of the Historic March Across Dixie. However, I did speak to Command C.R. Weldon who did such a masterful job on my five year anniversary of the March. My little brother Terry Lee did send to the National a budget request to help defray the cost of showing the March Across Dixie on selected cable channel markets . As of now, I don’t believe he has received an answer about that request. I have been preparing for another march for about three months now. And I can tell you that it is so much fun to see the spirits of the Southern people as I strut down the road carrying the Southern Cross. I hope that the National will stand behind me like Commander Ron Wilson did on the original March.

I really want so bad to march back into Palestine, Texas and post my flag, as well as back to the Capitol in Austin to the Supreme Court building. Just like the Honorable General Robert E. Lee, I shall always have a warm spot in my heart for the very special people called Texans, and shall never forget the tremendous amount of love they have always poured onto my brother and I. Please tell Commander Owens that I stand ready for any and all the help or suggestions to advance planning in this time of the Sesquicentennial and the March Across Dixie that fall in the same time line. God bless you, and please give my love and regards to my Texas family.

Your brother,