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Memorial Day Photos Group 2 / An Open Letter Talking Presidential To Ms. Chelsey

From: HK Edgerton
Date: Thu, Jun 2, 2011
To: Chelsey Hernandez

Dear Ms. Chelsey,

I was so proud on that day when you agreed that should I decide to take on the more than formidable task of seeking the Presidency of the United States of America that you would indeed stand beside me as my running mate.

However, Dear Ms. Chelsey Marie Hernandez, it makes no difference that you are perhaps one of the smartest women on God’s earth who truly has an understanding of the simplicity of the principles of what the Founding Fathers and the citizenry who championed them, put forth as the guiding light to governance in the Constitution in the frame work of a Republic. Or that you possess the strength and genes filled with compassion of the fiercest warrior on Gods earth; “the Southern Woman”.

It matters not that not HK Edgerton and Chelsey Marie Hernandez could lead this country into a period of social, political, economic and technological advancement unprecedented in the time of man. What truly matters to the Avarice who will come to attack us is that HK Edgerton as the President would post the Southern Cross in the Oval Office. That’s true. What really matters to the Avarice who will come to attack us is that HK Edgerton as the President would issue an Executive Order enforcing the the Congressional Mandate that the Confederate Battle flag is a venerated symbol by an Act of Congress. Thats true. And would move forward to end the Cold War Between the States consequently restoring the honor, dignity and stolen property where found to the families of the South. Thats true. It matters not that I would seek your advice in closing the military base in Okinawa, Japan, and rebuild it along the borders of Arizona and Mexico. It matters not that I would seek your advice in ending at least three fourths the foreign subsidies to foreign governments, and spend the peoples money more at home.

At the end of the day, the Avarice will fill content that their Chief Poverty Pimps of the Southern Poverty Law Center have sufficiently duped the downtrodden with the same modus operandi used during the twelve year period of so called Reconstruction in the South (1865-1877), divide and separate by any means necessary Southern Black and Southern White folks. They cry out with their minions that HK Edgerton lives in a fantasy world. How dare he believe that others will follow him to the dream of King, sitting at the Table of Brotherhood. How dare he to believe that he could persuade the people of a nation to champion the righteous vindication of the Southern people and their ancestors who not only made a noble and honorable stand against the illegal invasion of their homeland, but for the very principles of the Constitution that founded this great land. And, how dare he to even contemplate that a man deemed to be Knighted into the Order of White Thrash, and one who would dare to defend the honor of Southern white folks, and those who would stand beside him as family and friend even contemplate running for the office of President; we shall destroy and discredit him and the cause for which we know he champions, forget the people.

Dear Ms. Chelsey, I continue to contemplate. God bless you.

Your brother,