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An Open Letter & Open Report

From: HK Edgerton
Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2011
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

On Saturday morning, September 24, 2011, I have been asked to lecture all day at an event in York County, South Carolina to approximately 1, 000 school children and their families and friends at an event;  "7th Annual York Confederate Heritage Youth Day". Most of these babies frequent my website;, and know that I said before heading to Lexington, Va.; that to ban the Southern Cross in the Shrine City would be tantamount to an act of war against the Southern people. However, please tell me how does one go to war against treason, and what do I tell my babies? Do I tell them that the Mayor of Lexington’s (Mimi Elrod) great ancestor issued the oath of office to the Honorable CSA President Jefferson Davis, and that she led the charge with the aid of the News-Gazette news paper publisher of Lexington whose ancestor was General Paxton who lost his life on the same day that General Jackson lost his, and would say of General Paxton that he was ashamed of  him and his service to the Confederate States of America? 
How can I look these babies in the eye and tell them that there were some members of the Black community who would stand against Lee and Jackson with Mimi in the Shrine City where Jackson and his wife and church family, and the White citizens who would turn a blind eye as Jackson broke the law teaching the African people how to read and write while bringing them to a Christian ethic as was brought to Black Confederates  Levi Miller, Ben Lewis. and Jefferson Sheilds who was a Founder of the First Baptist Church of Lexington, a stones throw from City Hall. Jackson, a man and his community who like the Honorable General Robert E. Lee live in their final resting place amongst traitors, not to mention the likes of the Russian history teacher also of VMI laying the frame work against the Southern Cross with the full knowledge that Russia was up to her neck in their weapon of choice against the Southern people, " the atrocities of African slavery,  then and now".
Do I tell these babies how easy it is for Southern people to forget and reward those politicians like Mitt Romney who exclaimed that he would not fly that thing in reference to the Southern Cross? Do I tell these babies about the treachery of Rick Perry and his involvement in the Confederate Seal, and General Lee’s Testimonial plaque to the men of Texas for their defense of the South being removed from the Supreme Court building in Texas that help prompt the Historic March Across Dixie? Do I tell these babies about young Candice Hardwick of Latta, S.C. whose young life was literally destroyed by those  who would declare that they would make a example out of her to the extent that no other child of South Carolina would dare to make a Stand at Latta High or any other school for the honor of their ancestors , and the symbol known as the Southern Cross? Do I tell these babies about the deal made to fill the coffers of the NAACP to satisfy those Northern White men who express their dislike of sending their children South to schools like Ole Miss. while the Band plays Dixie, or sending their corporate workers South and having to look at the so called Rebel flag ? Do I tell these babies about the plight of dear Korean War veteran Sgt. Thrasher , who lie in a hospital room in Memphis, near death in fear of those around him and the Federal government who sanctions their so called offense of the flag of the South that the American soldiers carried during the Korean Conflict ?
 Or do I just tell these babies about the place of honor and dignity earned by those Africans freed or indentured who earned a place of honor and dignity while serving under the auspices of the Southern Cross, their flag; as they provided the food stuffs for General Lee’s beleaguered army, made the implements of war, stayed at home and protected the plantations and home places while the men were away at war, went off to war and served in many capacities for the South, including picking up arms? And most importantly do I tell these babies that many of those folks who hate all things Southern, will  be amongst those who went to celebrate the life of a man called King with a monument at the Capitol Mall,  who had proclaimed a dream that one day the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners would sit down at the Table of Brotherhood; should they be Southern unless they are traitors to the South and the honorable Stand made by their ancestors against a man who would illegally invade their homeland , and force them at gun point to serve a government that no longer served them or their region according the parameters laid out in the Constitution, are not invited.

Your brother,