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An Open Report / Confederate Heritage Youth Day / Ellenboro Fair

I was overcome with delight when I arrived once again at the site of the City of Ellenboro Fair on Friday evening, September 23, 2011 to find the men of the Rutherford Rifles Camp 2044 donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier, and the table that Commander Jim Kennedy had set up surrounded by participants of the community seeking the information that he had on how to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans, or just many who would express their complete satisfaction that the Sons were a part of the Fair’s program. I wish that we all had a dime for all the pictures we posed for and all the people that we all hugged; Red, Yellow, Black and White. It was truly a great night in Dixieland.

Saturday morning, September 24, 2011, donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier, at the invitation of Commander Kirk Carter, 3rd Brigade Commander of the South Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I would attend and speak alongside other instructors at the 7th Annual Confederate Heritage Youth Day in York County, South Carolina. I hope that the many youth and their families had as much fun as I did watching not only the cavalry, artillery, and infantry demonstrations, but also taking part in the teaching programs on the many topics concerning the War Between the States. The arousing ovation that I received after reciting Dr. Bradley, the past Commander of the Tennessee Division of the Sons poem titled; “I Am Their Flag ” was heartwarming to say the least.

When the day was done in York, I would head back to Ellenboro for the waning day of its Fair. On this evening I would once again along with the other men of the Rutherford Rifles Camp find ourselves surrounded by participants on our every turn around the grounds and at the Camps table, and I might add that every single one being well wishers, and thanking us for being there. One young Black man would express to Bob just how much he liked his uniform, and that he too had a family member who fought on the side of the Confederacy. I wish that everyone reading this could have seen the smile on his face when Bob handed him a brochure explaining how he could fulfill his wish to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans. And even more so, I wished that I had met this Principal who had so many reservations about offending his community by having the Sons attend the Fair. The report on his desk on Monday morning about this participation would be one of glowing aspirations of the men donned in the Southern grey and their Flag that all had a great time in the presence of.