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VA Hospital Oteen / Reidsville Confederate Soldiers Monument / An Open Report

After several weeks of holding a vigil at the entrance of the VA Hospital with the Southern Cross in hand in support of Sgt. Perry Thrasher Korean War Veteran who still lie in his sick bed in Memphis deprived of placing a small Confederate Battle Flag on his bed table, honoring not only his great grandpa, but also his fellow peers who proudly carried the colors of another American, that being the one he now was forced to remove, the VA hospital surrounded its grounds with flag poles at the entrance and about the front perimeter of the hospital bearing the Stars and Stripes. I delight even more now having the Southern Cross in this arena, and await to award Sgt. Thrasher the St. George Medal soon.

On Wednesday morning October 5, 2011, at approximately 8:30 AM, I shall make my way to the former site of the Confederate soldiers monument alongside several of my Southern brothers and sisters and post the Colors.