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Time to go on the offense / An Open Report

The time is upon those of us who call ourselves Southern to have a gut check and a different plan of action. The one symbol that accurately define us as Southern is the Christian Cross of St. Andrew. Yet our citizenry is beat down for our love for that symbol, and especially the honorable part that the African people played in support of and defense of our new homeland; the Southland of America under that symbol when it was illegally invaded by our brothers from the North land of America.

We as Southerners give of our monies, our votes of public office, our men and women to marriage, and their lives in defense of a country whose academic and judiciary systems continue to attack us with a rhetoric and modus operandi designed in the era of so called Reconstruction to divide Southern Blacks and Southern Whites, as they use the African people as their weapon of choice against the one man in this country (Southern White man) whose role enabled the African people to survive the Barmecide Feast set up by the world against them , as they all participated in the world wide economic institution of African chattel slavery, and now lay that role solely upon the peoples of the Southland of America .

As a man who puts his life literally on the line daily for those dry bones Red, Yellow, Black and White, freed or indentured who lie in graves scattered about these lands called America and who cannot defend their good names and the Honorable Stand they all made for not only their homeland, but also for the Constitutional Republic forged by the Founding Fathers; I now call upon the young Southern boys to turn in their memberships, badges, pins and any other materials belonging to the National Boy Scouts of America who as an organization began it’s complicity in the attack of our people by removing the name of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee from it’s Council in Richmond, Virginia. And who would further would climb into bed with those who would deny the Sons of Confederate Veterans to march in their Veterans Day parade in Homestead Florida. And I call upon all Southern men to remove themselves from any and all associations with the America Legion Posts worldwide until such time as American Legion Post #2 of Knoxville, Tennessee allows once again the Sons of Confederate Veterans to march with their Colors in the Knoxville, Tennessee Veterans Day parade. And on February 18, 2012, which marks the day that the Honorable President Jefferson Davis would deliver his first Inaugural Address on the steps of the Capitol building in Montgomery, Alabama; I call upon all Southerners to wear or display on their persons the Southern Cross whether it be at school, work or play. Our motto should be; ” We shall back up no more”!