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An Open Report / Reidsville, NC

On October 5, 2011, standing alongside Jamie Funkhouser and several other men and women who were donned in period garb and uniforms of the Southern soldier, I would post my colors at the site where the Confederate soldiers monument had once stood at the traffic circle in Reidsville, N.C.. As I stood there listening to the accounts of the so called accident that would damage the monument , and later it being illegally removed by the City Council who had no authority to do so; I would find it hard to believe that this was an accident.

A man had claimed that he fell asleep, and as he slept, he drove a quarter of a mile around a corner, through a traffic signal, up a hill, and then straight up onto the grounds of the monument striking it. As I stood there viewing the landscape, I could only conclude that this statement was almost preposterous, and would ask of my compatriots, had a police investigation been conducted? I would be told that the man had his license revoked because he did not show up in court. And further that there had been offers to repair the monument at no cost to either the man’s insurance company that had agreed to pay, and that the City Council had refused the offer and went ahead and removed the monument knowing full well that it’s action was highly questionable, and could lead to similar monument bashings all across the South. If this was truly an accident, then the monument should have been repaired period.

The best part of this day was all the kind words of support from the majority of the citizens who made their way around that circle on this day. After several interviews from Fox News and several local newspapers, and the local television station, and having gained two pounds from all the Southern hospitality I would receive from several restaurants throughout the day, I would make my way homeward wondering why the Council could do such a thing with so many of it’s citizens of all colors calling for the return of their monument, and when could I come again and post my colors?