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The Questions Of The Black Babies / An Open Report

An Open Report

On Friday afternoon, November 26, 2011, I would don the uniform of the Southern soldier and make my way into South Carolina for a special request from a group of young black babies who ask that I not bring or tell the press as requested by their parents to answer a list of ten questions. I shall post these questions and on Monday morning I shall post my answers to them.


1. Mr. HK, why would a Black man who was President of the NAACP, and one who had a reputation for fighting for his people, take up the banner against the very organization he once so vigorously served?

2. Mr. HK, would you tell us to your knowledge if any of the Presidential candidates in the 2012 election support your stance on the flag, and which one would you vote for?

3. Mr. HK, if you were President, what would you say or do that would bring the people of the North and South together?

4. Mr. HK, do any Black people support your position on the South and the Flag, and does the leadership of the NAACP hate you?

5. Mr. HK, are you rich? (b) and do you make a lot of money marching around with the Flag, especially when you marched to Texas?

6. Mr. HK, do you ever get scared when you are out marching, and fighting for the Flag?

7. Mr. HK, why haven’t they made a movie about you, especially when you walked to Texas?

8. Mr. HK, do you have a book, and if not when will you write one?

9. Mr. HK, are you married, and if so, does your wife approve of what you do?

10. Mr. HK, did you know that there are a lot of Black people in South Carolina who love you for what you are trying to do?