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Fox News Continues To Insult The Intelligence Of Black Americans / Korean Veteran Perry Thrasher / An Open Report

An Open Report

This morning, January 2, 2012, Fox News would parade out a Black female reporter who would talk about this day in the news. She would begin by insulting the intelligence of not only Black Americans, but the whole of the nation by depicting Abraham Lincoln as the great emancipator by touting the Emancipation Proclamation as freeing the slaves, and further that this action led to the signing of the 13th Amendment – an Amendment that his henchman Grant didn’t support or obey as he took the oath of office as President. His remarks when asked when he was going to free his slaves was, “good help is hard to find”.

Leron Bennett, Chief Executive Officer and Editor for Ebony magazine, an icon in the black community, for years reported to the Black community that this document was purely a document that freed no slaves, and whose intent was to gain sympathy and support from Europe for the illegal invasion of the South, and to try and cause slave revolts thereof. And that Lincoln himself sitting with one of his Generals, Ulman, who had just recently been released from a Confederate prison camp, and who complained about the document, laughed about it, and properly called it an inoperative document. And furthermore, never once mentioning that the original 13th Amendment (The Corwin Amendment), the one that Lincoln, the only sitting President to ever sign a proposed Amendment, would have prevented Congress from ever instituting an amendment to free the slaves. Most intelligent Black Americans see Lincoln for what he truly was – a racist bigot who only wanted us to get out of America; colonization was to him the answer for the African people. My questions to Fox and O’reilly is, would Lincoln have supported the election of Obama, or for that matter, the marriage of Michael Jackson to Lisa Marie Presley? Fox News, Fair and Balanced = Poppycock!

Korean War Veteran Perry Thrasher Update

On December 20, 2011, I would began preparation to visit and hold a medal ceremony for the Honorable Perry Thrasher, the Korean War Veteran who had faced mental terror in the spinal cord unit of the Veterans Administration Hospital for having a small Confederate Battle Flag on his hospital beside tray in Memphis, Tennessee. Also to be awarded with the St. George Medal of Honor was his attorney, the Honorable Kirk D. Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource Center and young Candice Yvonna Hardwick, a former student of Latta High School whose law suit against the school’s administration is still slowly making its way through the Federal Judiciary System.

However, I would learn from Sgt. Thrasher’s daughter, Ms. Dianne Boatner, that Sgt. Thrasher had been transferred from Memphis shortly before Thanksgiving, and after spending a short time there was now moved back to his home and is now convalescing there. She would thank me for the call, and went on to say that her dad would be glad for my call, and that he had expressed to her that he thought that everyone had forgotten about him. I shall now have to raise funds to go to Mississippi, and hopefully enough to have Kirk and Candice present at the time.

Mrs. Boatner’s address is: 16174 Hwy. 25 South, Philadelphia, Mississippi, 39350. I beg of all of you, please don’t forget about a man who gave his all in the defense of this nation, and whose only crime was not to forget about another honorable soldier and the defense that he made for his homeland, and the Flag that he served under as the bravest and most fierce fighting man that this nation has ever known.