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Open Report III – The Children – August 25, 2012

On Saturday evening, August 25, 2012, at the home of Ms. Lunelle Siegel, in pure delight, I along with Captain Phil Walters and Commander David R. McCallister of the SCV Judah P. Benjamin Camp would address the Children of the Confederacy.

I would tell them about the road that lies ahead of them as they enter the realm of hatred orchestrated by those who would sign a treaty at Appomattox Courthouse with no intent of allowing an honorable end to the hostilities forged by a criminal act of a President and those who surrounded him, as they moved forward with a foul plan to subjugate the Southern people using the African as their weapon of choice on every front in the body politic.

A plan that has gathered momentum in the 21st century as our nation is directed by race hustlers, poverty pimps, damn Yankees, scalawags, and traitors, to view the Southern people in shame and disdain, and to view the one symbol that defines us as Southern – “the Christian Cross of St. Andrew” in any form as a flag of slavery while giving the Stars and Stripes a free ride from its complicity in the affairs of said topic.

I would tell them not to expect remedy from the American jurisprudence system, or truth from the academia whose design was meant to divide and separate a nation from the truth of an honorable people who would stand before a hostile force that would invade their homes using tactics that even barbarians would not use against defenseless old men, children and especially women who they declared a special moment of rape and murder upon.

I would tell them that I had carried the Southern Cross all across this land, and had found amongst the African people a resurgence of the spirit of loyalty and love that their ancestors exhibited to those of their families as they too had made a Stand in Dixieland in lieu of the propaganda that the media and Hollywood always bring either in their reporting or total lack of.

Many of my babies wanted to know why Hollywood had not told of the greatest journey of my life as they viewed the Historic March Across Dixie pictorial journal authored by my little brother Terry Lee Edgerton as we approach the 10 year anniversary of its inception. My reply was that there is far too much truth within those pages about a man and now his ancestors who, too, in lieu of political correctness that has been forced upon him, will gladly stand with his brothers in love and harmony alongside him as he bears the Southern Cross with a message that clearly contradicts the lie told by those who considers himself a victor, and who now comes to finish his occupation and the Southern social and cultural genocide that he feels paramount to his lasting victory.

I would also tell them to pray for young Candice Yvonna Hardwick, and to always remember her in honor. May God bless these young warriors as they now must bear the mantle of the continuance and furtherance of the true history of the South and a heritage rich in honor and glory with a sense of patriotism second to none.