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Black History Month, Part 3

From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Wed, Feb 24, 2016
Subject: Black History Month Part 3
To: siegels1 []

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

On Friday, February 12, 2016, I would don the uniform of the Southern Soldier, and post his Colors in the Free Speech Zone at the University of North Carolina, Asheville. I would be greeted
warmly by the Chief of Campus Police. And he would tell me that he was glad to see me again. He would go on to tell me that he was conducting a class on campus preparedness in case of a terrorist
attack downstairs in the building behind where I stood. And further, if I needed anything to just call on him or any of his people.

Shortly thereafter, I would find myself surrounded by a crowd of young people full of questions. One young White man from Florida just couldn’t reconcile how or why a Black man could be so
brazened to put on a Confederate uniform, and post the Battle Flag on his campus, especially after Governor Haley has so condemned it in South Carolina while tying it to the murders of nine Black people.

I told him that she had lied just like the Northern press had done when they convicted the Flag as the perpetrator of that crime. And further that if she had not been a foreigner, she would never
had let that lie continue. And furthermore, I might have been the one who gave the young man that flag, just as I had given so many flags like it to many, many school kids not only at the Battle of
Columbia, but also as I made my way across the State on the Historic March Across Dixie, or as I made my way on a March to the recovery of the Hunley Confederate Submarine, or when I gave the Keynote
Address for Confederate Memorial Day on the Capitol grounds in Columbia. His posing in a picture with the flag and a rifle with just plain Southern. And furthermore, Haley knew full well that the lie
about the Sons or Daughters of the Confederacy could not bring the flag on the soldiers monument to half Staff; only the Legislature could, and they certainly were not going to give the flag that
kind of sovereignty.

I would go on to tell him and those gathered around me to remember that it was Black History Month that has become beat up on the White folks in the South by the poverty pimps, those with no
real historical knowledge, scalawags, those with White folk guilt, and those who planned and orchestrated this moment of Reconstruction that is the death quell for social vertical mobility for
Southern Black folks, and arguably Northern Blacks as well.

I would tell them that the only men in America who ever cared for the African people were the Christian White folks in the South. That would garner a sigh from the crowd of Black students who
huddled together, but they couldn’t deny what I said. One young White girl would continue to press me about who I was going to vote for, even after I told her that one could lose family or friends
answering that question. She called me a coward for not answering. And I promptly told her that Donald Trump was the only person in the race that could be trusted and would get my vote.

She promptly lost it, and began calling me a stupid mother——. I told her that her behavior and language was not lady like. She told me she was not a f—ing lady, and that I could go to
hell especially for disrespecting President Lincoln’s birthday. All those gathered quickly turned their backs on her, and told me to continue the dialogue with them because she had truly shown her
true nature and was no longer worthy to be in the conversation.

After some thirty minutes or more, I would hug everyone of them as they thanked me for honoring their campus with the knowledge and bravery that I had so displayed on this day so deemed one
of Black History that none would ever forget. God bless you!

Your brother,

Honorary Life Member
Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans