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SSH FL – Member Message – HK Edgerton – KKK and Tampa Bay

Save Southern Heritage – Florida
July 12, 2017

We received this report from Mr. HK Edgerton, past president of the Asheville, NC NAACP, and southern civil rights activist.


KKK And Tampa Monument Fight

On Sunday morning past, after identifying themselves as members of the Ku Klux Klan, one of the three men who stood before me would tell me not to be alarmed, and
would express pride in the efforts they had watched me for nearly twenty years make to bring a sense of truth to the Southern Cause that took our ancestors to the War For
Southern Independence.

However, they would go on to say that after watching the paid provocateurs of Soros, who claim to be peaceful protesters, disrespect and attempt to terrorize our women
in New Orleans, and others of us who try to initiate peace and truth to the distorted dialogue put on the table against the South. And, not to forget the cowardice and
collusion of Southern politicians, and even from organizations from our very own ranks whose efforts undermine any progress made via their conspiracy, has compelled them
to develop a new initiative of involvement in these matters. And, would respectfully ask that I stand down from my street activities for thirty days. No reason given to
my inquiry as to why.

I would later interview for some four hours with a group of young people purporting to do a documentary about my work. Afterwards, I would be shocked and greatly
disheartened to learn of efforts to undermine the victory of Save Southern Heritage Florida to keep the Confederate soldiers monument in place in Tampa.

The folks of Save Southern Heritage Florida did something rare and special; they got the County Commissioners to adopt a Veterans Observance Protection Ordinance
instead of throwing another monument onto the scrap heap of history.

However, it appears that some Southerners don’t want to win. There are two local groups in Tampa (Heritage organizations) that I am told actively undermining the
efforts of SSH-FL by negotiating with County officials, perhaps even expecting payment for moving the soldiers monument that SSH-FL so admirably defended to stay in place.

Even if they view this as a contingency plan of last resort, not presenting a unified front signals to County officials, especially those who now waffle about their
decision; that moving the monument is an option, and it is not. This has got to stop! I only hope that Florida will unify behind the leadership of SSH-FL, and stand their

Please don’t ask me at this time to identify those organizations. However, after I give my speech in Crossville, Tennessee on July 20, 2017, and make my way to join
Mr. McCallister at the National Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion in Memphis, I may be compelled to step forward with those names. I hate this because it brings meaning
to the words of the Klan. God bless you!

HK Edgerton
Member, Save Southern Heritage – FL