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An Open Letter & Open Report / Conversation In The Streets …… Dylan Roof

From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Fri, Dec 15, 2017
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Conversation In The Streets …… Dylan Roof

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

As I stood today, December 15, 2017, just short of the Continental Divide with the Southern Cross posted, I would face a somewhat hostile crowd. One would ask, “What about what Dylan Roof did? Don’t you have no sense of respect for those African Americans he killed? Yea, he got just what he deserved.” They all seemed to agree upon.

My reply: “What Dylan Roof did was a catalyst for the Northern Media to practice, at its best, something that Southerners have been talking about a long time before the President; fake news.” (see the documentaries of Terry Lee Edgerton)

When they could get no traction on the battle flag not being at half staff on the Confederate soldiers monument, they doctored up a photo of Roof holding the Southern Cross in one hand and the pistol he used in his deranged insane act. And Nikki Haley and Lindsay Graham bought into their madness and served up the Colors, and arguably the Memorials to those who still hate and seek to occupy the South with Southern social and cultural genocide prevalent in their plans.

I would go on to tell them that Roof’s trial shall forever be deemed in the minds of Southerners as a great farce and miscarriage of justice, both for him and the Southern Cross, whose writ was thrown out in the latrine when the court allowed Roof to dismiss his legal Counsel, and arguably that of the Southern Cross that was made complicit with his actions in the court of public opinion, and the actions of the Governor, Senator Graham and the South Carolina Legislature, who would violate a deal they made in the year 2000 that the Colors belonged on the outside exhibit (the Confederate soldiers monument), and would never be moved again.

One of those gathered in this growing crowd would remark, “the Battle flag is an inanimate object, and I don’t believe that a case can be made that it had its writ of habeas corpus suspended.”

I would remark that in January, I would take this matter before the Southern Legal Resource Center. In my opinion, Roof’s trial marked one of the most blatant miscarriages of justice in the American jurisprudence system. However, when it comes to issues that surround the Confederacy, it is something that we in the South have come to expect.

It matters not that Roof has shown no resipiscence for what he did, nor will ever the press in its complicity with its incendiary and false accountings that fuel the flames of hate that has not been seen since the days of reconstruction. Merry Christmas, and God bless you!

Your brother,

Chairman, Board of Advisors Emeritus
Southern Legal Resource Center