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Google Alert – HK Edgerton Confederate / An Open Letter & Open Report / Responses

From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Wed, Dec 27, 2017
Subject: Google Alert – hk edgerton confederate / An Open Letter & Open Report / Responses

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

My babies would, in droves, prevail upon me during the Christmas holiday to respond to an article published by an organization, Vox Media out of Memphis, Tennessee, as it related to the criminal and nefarious act by the Memphis City Council in the desecration of the grave and memorial of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

The article read … Lawmakers, mostly White, tried to save Confederate statues

My comment … Thank God that Southern Blacks have helped elect some brave White legislators armed with truth and knowledge on the subject matter, and are willing to vote the will of the people, both then and now, to memorialize the men and women of this integrated army who sacrificed their lives for the Southland of America, and not succumb to the terror of thugs like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and the rest of the paid thugs of George Soros as was done in Tampa, and Bradenton, Florida.

The article read… a city, mostly Black, found a loophole (Memphis found a very creative way around Tennessee law)

My comment… Vox Media’s feeble attempt to insinuate that the Black citizens of Memphis led this charge to desecrate the grave, and Memorial, of a man their ancestors considered their friend. Some more fake news.

What they failed to do first was to give an historical accounting of the refugee families, both freed and indentured, Black and White, who flocked onto the Nathan Bedford Forrest Underground Railroad to escape Ulysses S. Grant’s terror who, after he burned Randolph, Tennessee, moved South into the great state of Mississippi, where he commenced to burn 43 cities, all the while with his total warfare policy sanctioned by Abraham Lincoln, looting, murdering, rape of women, girls and boys like no army in the annals of mankind.

And yes, the Africans fled to Memphis because just like the White folks, they knew that General Forrest, their champion, would save them, and he did, just as he would after the war there.

It was the White Mayor from Indiana who led the sacrilege against the Confederate monuments. He would tell the Tennessee Historical Commission that the Forrest monument was put on a path frequented by Black citizens to agitate them.

My comment… Poor Yankee, he didn’t understand. General Forrest was a beloved figure in the Black community. It would have been a high honor for them if the city had buried Forrest on the grounds of Ebeneezer Baptist Church with the Memorial to him – not sanctioning this attack on Christendom, and the act of war that it brings once again upon the South.

And for those who would comment in the Florida Ledger newspaper that there were no Black Confederate soldiers, they don’t have to go far to find that repudiated. Try telling that to the granddaughter of Black Confederate soldier, the Honorable Christopher Columbus Quarls who, along with her son, would join us at his gravesite that memorializes him as a Confederate soldier.

Try telling that to the Honorable Nelson Windbush right down the road in Kissimmee, Florida, whose grandfather, the Honorable Napoleon Nelson, was to serve as the Chaplain In Chief to the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest, along with the forty plus Black Confederates who were a part of his escort, and of whom Forrest would declare that these men “stayed with me until the end,” and no better Confederates lived than they.

Try telling that lie to the ancestors of the Honorable Dr. Alexander Darnes, a Black Confederate soldier, Aid de Camp of the Honorable General Kirby Smith. Or, even better yet, just get a copy of the Past Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Honorable Charles Kelly Barrow’s book titled, “The Forgotten Confederate.”

And, as far as my being an outside agitator, the Florida Sun Sentinel would write in an article that a bum from New York City, one Daniel Israel, who stood at a Hollywood Hills Community forum and declared that the Honorable General Robert E. Lee was subhuman White trash that beat his slaves every day, and men like General Thomas Stonewall Jackson, were no better than Lee, who fought to maintain the economic institution of slavery, was a hero for being the only Black to take a stand to rename the streets that bore the names of Lee, Jackson, Hood and Forrest.

I want them to know that as I continue to celebrate the 15 year anniversary months of the Historic March Across Dixie that would see the foremost apparel of Southern clothes, “Dixie Outfitters,” so honor me on one of their shirts as a “Modern Day Southern Heritage Hero,” is a tag that I like far better. And, I might add, that I hold the key to several Southern cities, to include one given me by the Black Mayor of Toccoa, Georgia, as I marched through. God bless you!

Your brother,

Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida