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An Open Letter & Open Report / Conversation With My Babies / The Newspapers

From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Fri, Jan 5, 2018
Subject: Re: An Open Letter & Open Report / Conversation With My Babies / The Newspapers

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

The Ledger Newspaper of Lakeland, Florida, and the Gainesville Sun Newspaper would post a letter to the editor from a one J. Neil Sherouse that stated …. if one is seeking an outside agitator in the Munn Park monument controversy, one need to look no further than HK Edgerton.

My babies would take exception to this statement. Young Charlene would call it a buzzword statement meant to discredit me in the court of public opinion.

Chubby would say; “Mr. HK, an agitator is one who starts or keeps up a political or other agitation. You did not start the Munn Park controversy over removing the Confederate soldiers monument. An outsider is one who does not belong to a constituted group, or belongs superficially; meaning that there is nothing to you, or your thought processes in regards to these matters. I believe you were constituted by the Save Southern Heritage Florida organization, the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy and importantly the Southern people.

“Tell them to watch your brother Terry Lee’s accounting in his dvd and Pictorial Journal of the Historic March Across Dixie. Ironically 15 years ago, when you entered Logansport, Louisiana, don in the uniform of the Southern soldier, posting his colors at the border of Texas, the City of Logansport would hang a large banner across the street welcoming you with a declaration that read …”HK Edgerton Day,” the Mayor would issue you a proclamation of thanks. At the rivers edge, a Brass band would gather and serenade you, your brother and all those who made the twenty mile march into Logansport.

“And for your deeds and efforts to honor the Confederate soldier and, in particular, the Black Confederate soldier and his families who contributed to the Confederate Cause, we salute you! Mr. HK, those of us who you call your babies would prefer to call you a Seraph sent from the Almighty God to help right a wrong, the contemptuous manifestation to disesteem the Southern White man and his relations, and relationships with the African people before, during and after the War for Southern Independence.”

Fighting back tears, I would hug everyone of them. Happy New Year, and God bless you!

Your brother,


Honorary Member
Judah P. Benjamin Camp #2210
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Honorary Member
Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter
United Daughters of the Confederacy.

PS. My bucket list: March 15 miles into Austin and post the colors on the capitol grounds at the Supreme Court Building to mark the 15 year Anniversary of the Historic March Across Dixie.

(2) Give the keynote speech in Arlington National Cemetery on Confederate Memorial Day.

(3) Give the keynote speech on the capitol steps in Montgomery, Alabama on Confederate Memorial Day.

(4) March into Harpers Ferry.

(5) Post the colors at the memorial and gravesite of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forest in Memphis, Tennessee.

(6) Remove the Presidential Library of Ulysses S. Grant from the University of Mississippi Campus.

My Schedule: Deliver the keynote speech, Lee/Jackson, January 14, 2018, Courtland, Virginia
Appearance … Lee/Jackson Banquet, January 20, 2018, Foundry Knoxville, Tennessee
Deliver the keynote speech, Lee/Jackson Banquet, Tallassee, Alabama

My babies would pass the hat, taking up $287.76, and wish me well in securing the funds to complete my bucket list, and to do battle under my new title: “Outside Agitator.”