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An Open Letter & Open Report / Dan Israel’s Award

From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Mon, Feb 12, 2018
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Dan Israel’s Award
To: siegels1 []

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

It was not bad enough that in the Hollywood Hills, Florida community, every street that bore the names of the Confederate heroes who had shown an extraordinary amount of kindness and love to the African people would have their names and character face assassination, but also would have a Yankee bum from the North lead the charge to have their names removed from streets in the Hollywood Hills community.

It was not bad enough that this bum from the streets of New York (Dan Israel) would come into the South demanding the streets that bore the names of some of the most honorable men of the country, and who beyond any doubt showed a great deal of compassion and love to the African people; Israel would win an award from the domestic terrorist known as Black Lives Matter for calling the Honorable General Robert E. Lee white trash that beat his slaves every day, and furthermore that Lee’s men were no better than him.

Ironically, the names of the Union war criminals who carried out the order from Lincoln to take the theater of war to the innocent old women and children (total warfare) burning, plundering, murdering, and raping, have streets that run parallel to the Confederate soldiers named after them; Grant, Sherman and Sheridan streets remain unscathed. This same bum would be called a hero by the Florida Sun Sentinel because he was the only Black man to stand against the names of streets in a Southern town being named after such famous Confederate soldiers.

I would not want an award from anyone who talked about killing law enforcement officers, and who terrorize our elected leaders for voting the will of the people, or even their very own conscious. In the Almighty God’s eyes all lives matter.

Ironically, in my travels, it is amazing to see more White folks carrying the banners of so called Black Lives Matter, yet decent Black folks take the blame for what they do; just like so called reconstruction after the War for Southern Independence that found loyal, decent Black folks taking the blame for what damn yankees, scalawags and boot blacks did to further the Yankee incursion in the South.

I wonder just what Rev. Mack Lee, and the many Black Confederate soldiers and their families would think about a man that would so misalign the name of the Honorable Robert E. Lee and his men, and arguably his women as well. I know that I don’t think very high of him. God bless you!

Your brother,


President, Southern Heritage 411