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An Open Letter & Open Report / Scott The Governor & Troutman The Citizen

MARCH 12, 2018

Scott The Governor & Troutman the Citizen

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

As the supporters of the second amendment watched on, Governor Rick Scott of Florida threw the amendment into the swamp with the gators, and young Ashley Troutman of Lakeland, Florida, with his courageous plan for reconciliation, was tossed in as well as the NAACP and its hate filled rhetoric. And intimidation led that charge just like they did against MLK Jr. before his assassination.

Every one of them nothing but lying hypocrites who called King weak and useless for his non-violent stance, and who now act as though they had so much love for him. They now exploit his name and legacy as they revel about the table of brotherhood burning before a 21st century audience of duped Southern blacks and Southern white folk guilters who have no idea other than the lying rhetoric produced in the public school systems designed to inculcate into the thinking processes of our people that began in 1865 pitting us against each other.

My only question as I watch the farce of so called Black Heritage played out on the grounds of Hillsborough County, Florida, devoid of the presence of the honorable Dr. Alexander Darnes, Napoleon Nelson, Christopher Columbus Quarls, and the many Black Confederate soldiers and their families all across Florida and the South who earned a place of honor in the War for Southern Independence, who came together against an army who illegally invaded their homeland and, later armed with Lincoln’s total warfare orders against the innocent defenseless Southern civilian population, burning, rape, plunder and murder their weapons of choice.

And now, we Southerners are asked to turn away our heads as the likes of carpetbaggers like past Lakeland City Council member Don Selvege play out their continued sacrilege with a dishonest fake news media that descended upon the South after the actions of a mentally deranged Dylan Roof, who was brainwashed in their public school system meant to keep Southern Black folks and Southern White folks divided against each other.

The Negro in America has accepted a bad check marked insufficient funds was the message of Dr. Martin Luther King as he described the modus operandi of those who came South to divide us. Put your trust in only the Southern White man was the message of Rev. Mack Lee, the body servant of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee; a Black Confederate soldier whose legacy, too, was not on display on the grounds of Hillsborough County where his monument and that of his peers was removed in dishonor after County Commissioner Les Miller brought in a group of domestic terrorists who so threatened a Commission of the people who saw through the lies pitted against a memorialized integrated army who stood against the war crimes of an army who lost its honor in the destruction of our homeland.

On Saturday, March 10, 2018, alongside those women of the United Daughters of the Confederacy who, like their ancestors of the South who decorated the graves of not only the Southern soldier, but also those of the Union army that brought terror to their doors, and the men of the Sons of Confederate Veterans whose ancestors of the most courageous and tenacious fighting machine in the annals of mankind, don in his uniform, with his colors in hand, to the delight and love of the citizens of all colors would shower upon us, we made our way through the streets of Zephyrhills in their annual Founders Day Parade.

My only regret on this day was that Les Miller, Don Selvege, Nikki Haley, and the thuggish Commissioner, Charles Smith of Bradenton, Florida were not there to witness this spectacle of honor and love. God bless you!

Your Brother,


A Loyal Southern Man