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An Open Letter & Open Report / Part 1: August J. Wilson UDC / Narcoossee Mill / Arthenia L. Joyner

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, my mom’s birthday, I was honored to attend the 14th year Charter Anniversary meeting of the Augusta Jane Wilson Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, where the Honorable David McCallister, Attorney and Commander of the Judah P. Benjamin Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, would deliver the Keynote speech.

While Mr. McCalister’s speech was quite arousing, his accounting and graphic detail of the carnage of the many Confederate monuments was very disheartening. It is almost unbelievable that anyone on God’s earth would commit this level of sacrilege to a Memorial to the honored dead.

On Sunday morning, March 25, 2018, I would accompany Mr. McCallister to the re-enactment of the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Narcoossee Mill, which turned out to be a love fest as so many of the re-enactors and spectators I had not seen in many years, including the famous Honorable Nelson Windbush, would shower us with love. The Confederate army would win the day, which made it even more delightful.

On Monday, March 27, 2018, Mr. McCallister and I would take the high road and attend the dedication ceremony of the Hillsborough County University Area Community Library, which would be named in honor of Ms. Arthenia L. Joyner, who is a member of the Hillsborough County Women’s Hall of Fame North created in 2011 by the Hillsborough County Commission, and former Florida State Senator who caused the Senate to change its seal to remove the historic flags of Florida last year.

Arthenia Joyner with me at Library Dedication

And while Ms. Joyner would not only shake my hand, but also would embrace me as we posed for a picture, County Commissioner Les Miller would turn away from my outstretched hand, something that Mr. McCallister and I had not done to him a week prior at his church services when the hypocrite extended his hand to us. He is the same Commissioner who brought the domestic terrorist of Black Lives Matter and Antifa to Tampa that so terrified the other Commissioners into changing their 4-3 vote not to remove the Confederate soldiers monument from the county grounds.

God bless you!

Your brother,

Honorary Life Member
North Carolina & Tennessee Orders of the Confederate Rose