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An Open Letter & Open Report / Alabama’s Governor

APRIL 18, 2018

Alabama’s Governor

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

Alabama’s Governor, the Honorable Ms. Kay Ivey, who is posturing for a run for office, was getting a lot of flak from WBRC Channel 6 in Birmingham, because she
decided that she would not debate, or attend any Gubernatorial forums.

However, when she gave a campaign message, “They want to take down the Confederate soldiers monument, but as long as I’m Governor they will not take them down,” I had
to pinch myself to see if I was not asleep.

Gov. Ivey Voices Support For Keeping Confederate Monuments   (6 MB)

The news channel accused her of being afraid. In my estimation, she is the foremost bravest politician, parallel only to President Trump, that I have seen in my
lifetime. I immediately sent a prayer up to the Almighty God asking him to touch the hearts of my Alabama family to elect this brave and courageous woman who is the
epitome of the brave and courageous Southern woman of old, whose human courage approaches perfection. What a woman! God bless her, and God bless you!

Your brother,


Chair, Board of Advisors Emeritus
Southern Legal Resource Center