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An Open Letter & Open Report / Fort Myers, Florida

May 29, 2018: Ft. Myers, FL

Dear Miss Lunelle,

On Monday, May 21, 2018, alongside the Honorable Attorney David McCallister, don in the uniform of the Southern soldier, we would make our way to the beautiful city of Fort Myers, Florida in Lee County. On this night, we had come once again to stand before the city council with members of our Southern family to voice our negative vote to the attempts to move the bust of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee, the namesake of the County.

As I sat there in the council chambers listening to a bevy of white women who had climbed into bed with the domestic terrorists of the NAACP in voicing their demand that the purported racist bust of the General be removed and the total beat down of the Southern white man, I could not help but think about the gallant ladies of Memorial Associations who worked so hard to raise funds to erect Cenotaphs of our fallen heroes all across the South at a time when there was but inklings of money to be had because carpetbaggers and the hoard army of Lincoln and Grant had plundered the Southern coffers to near depletion as well as the personal wealth of its citizens.

How sad, I thought, but the worse was yet to come that would make the rants of Rawls of St. Augustine look like a picnic with the Pope, the President of the Ft. Myers NAACP sporting a name (Muwakkil) of the real slave traders (African Muslims) who destroyed a thriving civilization in West Africa.

Muwakkil already had gained a reputation for being a liar, as he had falsely accused the FBI and a willingness to print news media that some member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans had made a threat to take his life for a paltry sum of $500. Something that didn’t take long for the FBI to disprove.

Some of the things he had to say about the General: (1) Nothing in history says that General Lee ever helped the United States (the 23 years that General Lee spent in the U.S. military I suppose he spent playing hopscotch); (2) General Lee terrorized Black folks (even the Northern press, who were unhappy about the General tendering his resignation from the U.S. military and had written much fake news about him, didn’t go this far); (3) Lee refused to recognize the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves and captured them and put them back into slavery (not worthy of comment); (4) Lee committed treason, something that he was not accused of or tried for by the Federal government, much less convicted of by any court…ever; (5) Lee suspended the prisoner exchange program (it was Ulysses S. Grant who ordered this program to stop); (6) Black units who surrendered to Lee were murdered by the General who refused to accept their surrender (a charge that was leveled not at Lee but at the Honorable General Nathan Bedford at Ft. Pillow, one he was exonerated of by the U.S. Congress).

I see no need to continue on with the rant of this man as it continued on for far too long at the discretion of the Mayor and Council who let him tie a rope around his neck with the web of lies he spouted as fact.

When my time came to address the council, I would tell them that as I had sat there listening to this NAACP President, at first I would ascertain that here was a man that just didn’t know history. However, that conclusion was wrong; he had lied and was pure and simple … a liar.

And after what I had seen the past weekend at St. Augustine, and earlier at Bradenton, Tampa and Lakeland, it’s led me to believe that these domestic terrorists who now have descended upon my homeland have come with another agenda as they weaponize our monuments to eliminate the police, to eliminate President Trump and anything they don’t agree with as they use race to foment hate.

I would tell the council that I could spend the total three minutes they had allotted defending General Lee; however, it was not necessary because they knew how great a man he was. I would leave them with the message that the General’s body servant, Rev. Mack Lee, left to his people. (Rev. Mack had educated himself from the funds left to him by the General, started the first credit union in America for the purpose of helping the now so called freed Africans, started churches in both the North and South). “Get yourselves educated, buy some land, keep your faith in our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, and beyond all else, put your trust only in the Southern White man.”

I would conclude that Lee should be remembered not merely as Lee the soldier, or even as Lee the educator, but also as Lee the man…the man of honor, the great gentleman, good and decent human being who others, even his enemies, knew could be trusted without reservation. His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in nature might stand up and say, “this was a man!” God bless you!

Your brother,


Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida