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An Open Letter / Jefferson Davis Highway / Alexandria, Virginia

June 25, 2018

Jefferson Davis Highway – Alexandria, Virginia

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

The Washington Post at least reported half the truth in a newspaper article … changing the name of Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria, Virginia: “It took the Charleston church shootings in 2015 for the Alexandria City Council to start the process of changing the name of Jefferson Davis Highway.”

What they did not report was that before the event in Charleston, this council had no leg to stand on to give credence to this unwarranted attack on the South. However, armed with a photoshopped picture of Dylan Roof with the Southern Cross in one hand and the weapon he supposedly used to commit murder, fake news specialists and domestic terrorists began their campaign to accomplish the failed agenda of Thaddeus Stephens to completely punish the South for making a stand against the illegal invasion of their homeland and defense of their Constitutional rights.

The African people had been the weapon of choice against the Southern white population during the first period of so called Reconstruction to accomplish these means, and it almost worked. And now the Northern antagonists saw what they viewed as a golden opportunity to let history repeat itself: figuring that Southern blacks didn’t know enough about the period of history that set the South against the North, or the role their ancestors played in that event. All they had to do was to say “SLAVERY” long and loud, and the Africans would once again align themselves with their supposed emancipators…totally disregarding the world-wide complicity in the slave trade.

Their plan…. first attacking the Southern Cross on the Confederate Cenotaph on the capitol grounds in Columbia for not being at half staff, and when that gained no traction, they used the photoshopped picture to stir up enough emotions from a pandering Governor to remove the second most sacred symbol of the South from its place of honor on the Cenotaph that had been promised by the legislature to never be removed again. This gave momentum to the big witch hunt, and the war against the South began again.

Now, thanks to the cave in of Haley, they began attacking the very men who befriended the African people at every turn, and put them in high regard for their service in the integrated Confederate military, and the same for their service to the Almighty God (Lee, Forest, Jackson, Hood, Morgan, Smith, Cleburne…); and I will go on record that this council of Alexandria are a sad lot for what they did, whether they are scalawags, traitors to the Southland, or just damn Yankees.

And, I will forever remain loyal to my homeland of the South. And will forever champion the memory of a great American who was an honored Senator from the great state of Mississippi, and of whom he and his wife stopped a young slave boy (Jim Limber) from a horrific beating in the streets of Richmond, and took him into their home as an adopted son. And, whose leadership modernized the same military that was later used against him. And never to forget his family and the love they showed to the African people on their plantation homes…the Honorable Jefferson Davis, a man who loved the Union and whose service to it, and to the Confederate States of America, is worthy of any accolade bestowed to his memory. God bless you!

Your brother


United Daughters of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis Medal