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An Open Letter / Chairman’s Report / Loss Of Heritage / Destruction Of The People’s Property / Legislative Breach Of Trust

July 15, 2018

Chairman’s Report / Loss Of Heritage / Destruction Of The People’s Property / Legislative Breach Of Trust

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

In my capacity as Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Emeritus, of the Southern Legal Resource Center, I recently entertained the following discourse with the chief trial counsel to be passed on to the executive body.

After the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina by one Dylan Roof, then Governor Nikki Haley, in complicity with the South Carolina Legislature, proceeded to put themselves in a state of war with the people of the state when they endeavored to destroy the integrity of the Confederate Soldier’s Cenotaph on the capitol grounds with the removal of the soldier’s colors from this outside exhibit (the People’s property), breaching the trust the people put into their care that these colors would remain there in a state of safety and security FOREVER.

This transgression was engendered by fear of the actions of domestic terrorists and frightful politicians who gave absolute power over the liberties and estate of the peoples will to them, and they became so embolden by Haley’s capitulation that anachronism has become the modus operandi to further this charge across the South.

In the great state of North Carolina in the City of Durham, where there is a monument protection law, a Cenotaph was pulled down and destroyed with no consequence to the criminal perpetrator.


But, in Memphis, Tennessee, after the Historic Commission, a body of the legislature charged with the issuance of a waiver that would allow the removal of a Cenotaph, or historic name change, refused to grant one to the Memphis City Council that would have allowed them to remove the Cenotaph of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forest. The council, in a brazen move, disregarding the law, sold a GRAVE on people’s property to a crony for far less than the property value and removed the general’s bust from the base of the Cenotaph. It is important to note that the Mayor was of Northern lineage, and expressed his regional bias.

In the city of Tampa, Florida, after the Hillsborough County Commissioners, in a 4-3 vote not to remove the Confederate soldiers Cenotaph from the county grounds, County Commissioner Les Miller solicited the aid of domestic terrorists (Black Lives matter, ANTI-FA, and a host of George Soros sponsored individuals), who would spray paint the private Cenotaph, spewing blood-red paint not only on names of Confederate heroes but I know, also, on the name of your late husband in a sickening display.

They rampaged through the streets illegally covering their faces, and threaten the commissioners until they reversed their vote and removed the Cenotaph. It now sits
disgracefully between a taco stand and a pawn shop.

In Bradenton, Florida, County Commissioner Charles Smith would order the street cleaning crew who had no expertise in removing monuments to remove the Confederate Soldier’s Cenotaph; they promptly dropped and broke it. He would later lead a parade don in a Manatee County shirt alongside ANTI-FA, Black Lives Matter and others, even while messages of killing police by these terrorists covered the front pages of the local newspaper. And later in a commission meeting, Smith would berate the Chair for admonishing him for doing so. One of the commissioners would voice in a council meeting reported that these people have visited my home, and my business while intimidating myself and employees.

The President, when asked to get involved in the carnage now being played out, would literally encourage the people to turn to the 10th Amendment; it is the people’s problem of the states. They should deal with it.

The people have tried to follow that charge. They have come time again before commissions, councils, community forums, school boards speaking in the majority to include armed with scientific polls that clearly indicate the peoples will is not to remove the names or historical works of art from their assigned spaces. It has mattered not in places like the aforementioned and Lakeland, Florida, where a Northern born councilman would entertain the motion to remove the Confederate soldiers Cenotaph from Munn Park, to be damned with the people’s will. The “black commissioner” changed his opinion on the Cenotaph after the NAACP threatened to come and protest at his house while he was out of town, leaving his wife and children home alone.

And where the historic city of St. Augustine, the city commission capitulated to the demand of the so-called “Reverend” Rawls and his monthly rampages of intimidation disrupting tourists and locals by offering a compromise in lieu of not removing these Cenotaphs. Such plaques are nothing more than another attack to divide Southern Blacks and Southern Whites with the most preposterous set of lies and distortions I have ever encountered anywhere in my lifetime. If the Code of Duella was still lawful, I would challenge the consultant who proposed these plaques to a duel.

Any plaques placed should tell the story of the Black Confederate soldiers Dr. Alexander Darnes, Christopher Columbus Quarls or Napoleon Nelson, or the Yang brothers, or the Native Americans or the Spanish who fought in the integrated Confederate military. Preferably, they should remain in the same historical context they were placed. They are historical works of art that should be afforded protection by the Constitution of the United States of America. They are OUR freedom of speech and expression and it is being hammered down to grist by these destructive tyrants.

These are nothing less than domestic terrorists who desire to divide and conquer America, and we must resist. I call on President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate these incidents of domestic terrorism and swiftly act to restore safety of the elected officials who are threatened by marauding terrorists.

God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors
Southern Legal Resource Center
Member, Save Southern Heritage-Florida