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An Open Letter / The Colors / Confederate State Government & Its Presidency

July 16, 2018

The Colors / Confederate State Government & Its Presidency

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

President Donald J. Trump clearly understands what the colors of a soldier means. Men have died to protect and rescue their colors.

And for Nikki Haley to take the colors off the Confederate Cenotaph in a state of shame is the highest betrayal to the memory of the fallen heroes and their families in the whole of Southern history, and a betrayal of the guaranty given to her as Governor for that charge. And nothing but shame for this bawdry act beguiled by the Northern media that led her down this path of evil that has no precedence.

There is nothing that Haley can do, short of petitioning the South Carolina Legislature, and its Governor to put the colors back that would garner forgiveness to her person.

And seeing no calculated measure that she would, and armed with the knowledge that the Confederate States of America government has never assented to surrender, I move to accede to its Presidency by first canvassing those whose birth of origin is in the Confederate States of America for said charge as its President, with the intended purpose to surrender our covernment with a signed treaty that will protect our heritage and symbols from this Isis like sacrilege now being heaped upon the South and its people.

Or, as its de facto President have no other choice but to order an armed militia of our citizens to protect us against attack and disregard of the Congressional status of our colors and military as American veterans as expressed by the United States Government, to include the protection of our Cenotaphs provided for in the Bill of Rights. God bless you!

Your brother,

HK Edgerton