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Plea For Help In Manatee County, Florida

Plea For Help In Manatee County, Florida

Miss Lunelle,

As you know, last year I visited Florida and stood with you and dozens more who have been victimized by Black Lives Matter and AntiFa and the Manatee County Commission when they organized terrorism against the people of Bradenton and Manatee County.

Commissioner Charles Smith, who lead a protest march through town with his County shirt on, continued to terrorize the Commission by promising a Ferguson-like incident in Bradenton, Florida if the monument wasn’t taken down.

The Commission folded like a cheap suit and caved into the domestic terrorists, and pulled down the monument over night with a budget contractor that broke it in three places. I have heard you tell me about your great-great grandfather and his connections to Manatee County, and I saw how painful this entire mess was to you, and it was to me as well.



CLICK HERE to watch the video.

A year has passed, and the broken memorial to the diverse Southern troops is still in storage. I was shocked to hear that the Republican President of the Florida Senate is working behind the scenes to hide that diversity memorial into an out of the way state park. I am, in this message, asking everyone on my list to help stop this insanity and to cause this Senator to cease his efforts and, instead, put his efforts toward restoring the memorial to its rightful place in front of the historic Manatee County Courthouse. I am including this Senator’s contact information below and am asking everyone on my list to contact him.

God bless you.

Your brother,

HK Edgerton

Honorary Member, Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter, United Daughters Of The Confederacy
Member, Save Southern Heritage-Florida



Florida State Senator Bill Galvano

Phone number: 941-741-3401

What to Say:

“It’s time to restore and return the War Memorial to its rightful place at the Courthouse. Don’t let Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fa win. Republicans don’t negotiate with terrorists. Stand Strong for Veterans. We need your help to restore the Monument now. It’s been a year.”

You can also send an email to him at: