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An Open Letter & Open Report / Conversation In The Streets

OCTOBER 25, 2018

Conversation In The Streets

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

I would spend the last three and a half weeks preparing myself for a march back to Austin, Texas by marching some 10-12 miles a day with the intent of recognizing the 16 year anniversary of the Historic March Across Dixie. Unfortunately, other than Dixie Outfitters and a few of my staunchest supporters, I could not garner enough support fiscally, or otherwise, to attempt the journey.

However, it is worthy to note some of the conversation as I made my way.

(1) I would be asked by a young lady had I gone to Charlottesville, Virginia, and what was my feelings about what happened there?

I would tell her first and foremost that Southern White folks have no forum that they can speak in that will allow them to defend their heritage without being labeled white supremist, white nationalist, or just plain racist. And if my schedule had allowed, in all likelihood, I would have been in both New Orleans and Charlottesville, alongside many of the decent Christian White folk who had a legal permit to assemble, express and protest the removal of the Confederate Cenotaph.

Mayors of both cities would tell their law enforcement to stand down as the domestic terrorists of Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and other George Soros paid bullies attacked them. It was so egregious that the Black police chief would later resign in a decent intent compelled by his conscious for not carrying out his civic duty to protect the Southern contingent and, leaving a scared and frightened young man to an act that would lead to the death of a young woman (an act and crime of necessity). In my opinion, because of the state of mind he was put in, he should be free to go.

(2) And then came the question what did I feel about the treatment of Justice Kavanaugh and President Trump?

I told the young lady who asked that I would simply tell them, “Welcome to the party that Southern people have been at since April 9, 1865; smearing of the names of great Americans (the honorables … General Robert E. Lee, General Nathan Bedford Forest, General Thomas Stonewall Jackson, General Kirby Smith and, not to forget, President Jefferson Davis) and so many others.

“And, let us not forget, the dark money used to bully our politicians from voting the will of the people; notably, the reversal of a 4-3 decision by the Hillsborough County Commission not to remove the Confederate Soldiers Cenotaph from the grounds led by Commissioner Les Miller, who would solicit the help from the thugs of Soros.

And, certainly not to forget, the infamous Bradenton, Florida County Commissioner, Charles Smith, who would march in the streets with the same aforementioned thugs while brandishing an official county shirt. These thugs would visit elected officials at their homes uninvited late into the night and visit their place of work. One city council member would declare that she could not vote the will of the people, or her own conscious, out of fear of these terrorists. Smith would later attend a celebration party on the courthouse grounds, leaving behind a trash nightmare for the city workers.

(3) And then came the question about Maya Little, who smeared ink and blood on the Cenotaph of Silent Sam, whose attorney argued it was for the better good. She would be found guilty of a misdemeanor charge, but the Judge, Samantha Cabe, did not hand down a sentence or punishment. Her attorney argued that her actions fell under a law of necessity built on violence towards blacks, a lie glorified.

Reading the accounting of her trial makes me want to throw up. She, and now her attorney, should have been made to pay a fine or spend some time in jail.

Silent Sam had nothing to do with the death of Dr. King in 1968. Nor did the keynote speech by the speaker. This man was using a metaphor to express his anger of the Africans being used against the Southern white people, especially at the polls as the Northern factions and their surrogates continued to rape the Southern coffers just as they did for 12 years after the War for Southern Independence.

(4) An elderly white man would comment ….. “Mr. Edgerton, the Sons Of Confederate Veterans are an offshoot of the United Confederate Veterans, whose oath and charge compels them to protect the Confederate Soldier’s good name. However, we the people don’t see them. The carnage taking place against our Southern women, both of old and certainly now, whose works and great deeds to memorialize our fallen dead without deterrent, is a slap in the face of that charge and the chivalrous nature of our region. Are we to believe they have abandoned that oath of promise?”

“I don’t believe so,” would be my reply.

Disregarding the fake news of social media that I was ushered out of downtown Dahlonega, Georgia during the Gold Rush Days Festival by the Sheriff, alongside the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the thousands who visited, on this weekend, a good time was had by all. God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center
Recipient, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis Medal
Kentucky Colonel
Honorary Life Member, Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member, Longstreet Zollicoffer Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida
President, Southern Heritage 411