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An Open Letter / End Of Year Report

December 3, 2018

End Of Year Report

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

I can remember approximately 14 years ago when the Honorable Attorney Kirk D. Lyons gave the keynote speech at the dedication of the slave section in the Taylor family cemetery in Asheville, North Carolina, with my dear mom in attendance.

He would accurately make a prophecy that we were on course with the attacks on the Southern Cross to not only Southern social and cultural genocide, but that this slippery slope would lead to the Christian Cross, and the Star of David. Mr. Lyons was right.

There have been attacks daily on the South since April 9, 1865, when the Honorable General Robert E. Lee signed the treaty at Appomattox Courthouse that supposedly would end the hostilities against our homeland.

However these attacks did not end. There were similar attacks on our Christian body before the War For Southern Independence began, and conclusively they rank as one of the issues that also lead to the shot in our bow as well as the election of the atheist Lincoln, and his support of the Morrill Tariffs that would have surely bankrupted the South fiscally, and did arguably bankrupt morally those of the North who later carried out his implementation of his General Order 200 against our people.

Our people would include the Africans who represented the greatest infusion to Christianity since the time that Jesus Christ would walk the earth. This infusion to Christianity of Africans was headed by the Southern White man on plantations all across the South by men like the Honorable Rev. R.L. Dabney of Prince Edward County, Virginia.

The first order of business of the North after the war was to separate this African from these teachings, and to turn them against the Southern white man. The second order of business was to establish the public school system with incompetent and biased Northern school teachers whose only competence was to inculcate into the thinking processes of our children a disdain of our people who they proclaimed were rebels and traitors. It was clear that the Anti-Christ and his minions were at work against the God fearing people of the South.

In the 21st century, Dylan Roof provided the second shot to our bow with the insane murder of nine innocent Africans in a House of God that enabled a corrupt NORTHERN Media to photoshop a picture of him holding the Christian Cross of St. Andrew, and thereby influencing a GOVERNOR who had no real cultural ties to Southern Heritage, or perhaps even Christianity, to lead the carnage against said, that has daily gathered momentum with the aid of the NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center, as they both coach the people to lie, the greatest fraud of all.

The second prophecy can be found on the ending pages of the Historic March Across Dixie Photo Journal. An elderly white man proclaimed that if the Southern white man and the Southern black man did not come back together, all would be lost; our culture and heritage in Christ who truly brought us together as family against the forces of evil.

In Lakeland, Florida, an angel of the Anti-Christ can be found, and he is running scared, and we must not let him win there. God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center
Member, Save Southern Heritage-Florida
President, Southern Heritage 411