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An Open Letter & Open Report / Conversations In The Streets: Christmas Day 2018

December 25, 2018

Conversations in the Streets: Christmas Day 2018

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

On this morning, December 25, 2018, (Christmas) I would don the uniform of the Southern soldier and post his colors on the overpass of Interstate 240W/40W/26E. After about two hours of waving, and acknowledging all the shouting, Rebel Yells and the calling out of my name from so many, a car bearing Pennsylvania license plates would slowly pass alongside where I stood.

The driver would park and two black couples would exit. One of the ladies would ask of me, “What is a man of your persuasion doing standing on this bridge brandishing the Confederate battle flag?”

I would answer her, as I have a million times before when asked this question, “Just listen! I am here to uplift the spirits of my Southern family.”

Just in time for them to hear my name called out, several cars blowing their horns on and below the overpass with the rebel yell thrown in to boot from another that passed.

One of the men would remark, “But, it is Christmas, we should be celebrating the life of Christ.”

“Yes we should, and I am. It was Christ who brought the African people to the Southland of America to be with the Southern white man, who taught a heathen people of his presence,” I said.

“But, we came as slaves,” the other lady would reply.

“Yes, but he is right,” said the quiet man. “Slavery was the only way that our ancestors would have gained entrance into this land, and our ancestors proved in that institution their worth to be here.”

I was beside myself with an unexpected joy with the way this conversation was going. I had to ask if they were Yankees?

The quiet man spoke again, “We live in Philadelphia by way of Camden, South Carolina, and they still live there. We are lifelong friends,” he said, pointing to the other couple who were now holding hands.

“You must be a Christian,” he said to me.

“I am,” was my reply. “For the African in the South, servitude was his training camp in the Army of Christ. And kind people, we have come to the time that we must stand once again with the Southern white man, our family to do battle once again with the Angels of the Anti-Christ and their attacks on our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, and the Christianity taught to us. The restraining force that is holding back wickedness, evil and the devil in America has always been the Southern white man. And, he is hated because he molded his Africans to follow in his footsteps to Jesus Christ.”

Our conversation turned to immigration, and how so many different people come into our nation whose moral and spiritual value is not based upon the teachings in the Bible and is our covenant, and the moral code it gives to us, even though we are a nation that believes in religious freedoms, while they refuse to inculcate this into their thinking or operational processes.

One of the men said that he believed that President Obama was a Muslim even though he denied it. He mentioned the company that Obama kept not only as a student, but as a Senator. And, the donations they made to his Senatorial and Presidential campaigns. And how Obama followed the principles of Marxist in his so called community work in Chicago.

The quiet man, who was becoming less quiet, said that he had studied Marcus Garvey’s life, and believed that the NAACP has never been a friend of the African people, but just used them to further an agenda for the Northern Jew.

And that they and the Southern Poverty Law Center were the personification of real evil, and the greatest enemy of the black man in the 21st century.

They would give me $20.00 to buy breakfast, hugs all around, and asked if they could pray for me. This was one of my best Christmas presents that I can remember. Merry Christmas, and may God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center
Honorary Life Member, Bradford Rose Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1638
Recipient, United Daughters of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis Medal
Kentucky Colonel
Recipient, National Sons of Confederate Veterans H.L. Hunley Award
President, Southern Heritage 411