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An Open Letter & Open Report / Florida Governor’s Inauguration Events & Ms. Lunelle’s Men

January 10, 2019

Florida Governor’s Inauguration Events & Ms. Lunelle’s Men

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

January 8, 2019, on the eve of Florida’s Governor-Elect Rick Desantis’ Inauguration, a veterans and first responders event would be held. This event was held to honor the service and sacrifice of veterans and first responders, and would be attended by the Governor Elect, his cabinet, hundreds of veterans, their families and friends, and honored members of the public.

In an effort to help State House Representative Mike Hill, sponsor of the soldiers and heroes monument and memorial protection bill, Save Southern Heritage Florida, under your leadership, would move into action during this inauguration event, and later the next morning at the Governor’s inauguration prayer breakfast, on the campus of Florida A&M University.

Don in the uniform of the Southern soldier, alongside Sons of Confederate Veterans member, Ken Daniels, and Sons of Confederate Veterans Florida State Division Commander, Kelly Crocker, I would make my way through a sea of uniformed veterans and first responders, while accepting handshakes, hugs, salutes and words of warm welcome as we made our way into the museum where the event was taking place.

Once inside, we would immediately began passing out brochures (here) and badges, while encouraging those present to act to support the aforementioned bill by canvassing and calling upon their elected officials to do the same as you and the Honorable Attorney, David McCallister, were doing in the House of Representatives at this very moment.

As the Governor and members of his cabinet ended their comments at the close of the event, I could not have been more proud as a long line of uniformed service members came to where I stood in front of the press corps gathered to shake my hand, thanking me for being present in honor of the Confederate soldier, an American veteran as well. It was a moment of love that I shall never forget.

I told one black soldier who I mistook for Representative Hill that he was my hero as he embraced me. And his response was, “No, you are my hero.”

Later on, Representative Hill would join us at a restaurant, as would Senator Baxley, and echo the same message as I told him that “he was my hero.”

Mike Hill with our delegation

The next day at the inauguration prayer breakfast, to behold you as you continued your efforts canvassing the many House and Senate members to pass the protection bill, I could not have not been more proud. Ms. Lunelle doing what she had only asked her men to do; a sign of a great leader. Commander Crocker would echo his thoughts of the day before once again… “if this bill would be voted on today, it would pass unanimously!”

I am only sad that because of the expenditures made to keep my car on the road that I shall not be able to answer the call of so many of my babies to appear at their schools posting the colors during Black History Month. However, I shall try and make up for it on January 18, 2019, when I return to Florida for School Days at the Brooksville Raid Re-enactment by presenting a Black History program in memory of the Black Confederate soldier and his family.

God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center
Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida
Honorary Life Member, Scotts of Austin
Kentucky Colonel
Recipient, Robert E. Lee Award, Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Recipient, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis Medal
President, Southern Heritage 411