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An Open Letter / Endorsement of David “Mac” McCallister

February 20, 2019

Endorsement of David “Mac” McCallister

McCallister & Edgerton at Munn Park (Lakeland, FL)

It could not be more fitting and proper for the Honorable Attorney, David R. McCallister, to seek a seat in the State House of the great state of Florida.

A state that its people and Governor tout as being the most friendly to Veterans in the whole of the Union.

While I cannot attest to the validity of that statement, I can attest to the lone voice of Mr. McCallister coming from the deep, deep Forest of Veteran Despair as memorials to these warriors of the people, past and present, are vandalized and destroyed with no penalty for the desecration. Yet always standing before the body, he now seeks to be a part of, seeking just resolution for the Florida sons and daughters deemed veterans.

The Hillsborough County Commissioners vowed that it would seek a way to input the trends and issues important and impacting the diverse communities that it serves, so they formed a Diversity Advisory Council to help them deliver that charge.

And from the deep, deep Forest of Diversity Despair, stepped the infamous and highly respected attorney, David R. McCallister, who not only volunteered to serve on the council, but because of his highly recognizable forte, he was chosen by the council president to chair a committee to restructure its policy and goals to meet the intent of the county commission.

And for those of us no matter where in the South forty we may be, who rant and rave about the judicial system’s bias against Southern Heritage and our historical past, with seemingly no equal protection afforded under the law, and the unwarranted defamation of our people ……. let us not miss the opportunity to send a true champion of the people whose knowledge and gift of persuasion will win the day.

Help Mr. McCallister with a monetary donation, and leg support so needed to win the first of his battle; “Getting There.” His website is:

Donate HERE

God bless all!

HK Edgerton

Member, Save Southern Heritage-Florida