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An Open Letter & Open Report / God Bless The Great State Of Georgia / Monument Protection

April 1, 2019

God Bless The Great State Of Georgia / Monument Protection

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

Acclamation of praise should be given to the great State of Georgia as it moves forward with a Veterans Monument Protection Bill. Unlike the State of Florida, whose
Governor Desantis, in a speech to the Veterans and First Responders during a Veterans inauguration event, and later on at the Governors Inauguration Prayer breakfastm would
lie to the people about Florida being a Veterans friendly State.

While we and he watch as the Soldiers & Heroes Monument & Memorial Protection Bill, sponsored by black House Member Mike Hill, can’t even get out of a committee chaired
by James Grant, a descendant of the namesake of Grant Park in Georgia.

Meanwhile, domestic terrorists continue to vandalize, tear down and destroy veterans monuments all around Florida.

I look very much forward to standing before the Florida Legislature on April 16, 2019, and telling them and the Governor the same. And I invite everyone who reads this
to join me in Tallahassee!

And not to forget the Italian Americans who watch as the Cenotaphs of their hero Christopher Columbus has fallen on to the slippery slope of the domestic terrorist who
want to whitewash the American skyline of any vestiges of memorial to our ancestors. God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors, Southern Legal Resource Center
Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida
Member, Issac Newton Giffen Camp 758, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Recipient, Robert E. Lee Award, Sons of Confederate Veterans Virginia Division

President, Southern Heritage 411

NOTE: To Join Mr. Edgerton in Tallahassee, send an email to
for details