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An Open Letter & Open Reply / Removal By Governor For Cause

April 9, 2019

Removal By Governor For Cause

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

Your assessment that the North Carolina Governor should remove the Hillsborough District Attorney and the State Attorney General for cause because of their inaction to effectuate the state law of the Monument Protection Act as it relates to the criminal activity in regards to the Confederate Cenotaph Silent Sam by the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

While this has been discussed by several legal minds, to include those on the Board of Directors of the Southern Legal Resource Center, it is highly unlikely that this Governor will do so, since he has been the most vocal voice in the state to remove all Confederate Cenotaphs from the State Capitol grounds, to include especially that of the honorable War Between the States Governor, and Confederate Colonel, Zebulon Baird Vance.

And he might have been successful in doing so, had not Governor Vance not been considered by the Jewish State of Israel, and the Jewish people both North and South of the Mason Dixon, “a hero and champion of the Jewish people beyond any man not a Jew.” (see The Scattered Nations)

In fact, I would not be surprised if he does not have his imprint all over the Attorney General’s office not to take action against the criminal posturing at the University of North Carolina in regards to Silent Sam.

In another matter, it is high time for the Internal Revenue Service to launch an investigation into the NAACP’s compliance of their charge as a 501C3 Civil Rights organization that has colluded with the Southern Poverty Law Center to destroy the 501C3 heritage organization of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, far from what it purports to be in the civil rights arena.

And furthermore, this witch hunt against the Confederate Cenotaphs and the American Veteran (the Confederate soldier) has no merit based on the actions of the deranged Dylan Roof at a Charleston, South Carolina church shooting. And, the United States Congressional venerated colors, the Confederate battle flag should be replaced back on the outside exhibit, the Confederate soldiers’ Cenotaph on the Capitol grounds in Columbia, South Carolina.

At the very least, the writ of habeas corpus should become applicable, and a trial begin to determine the guilt or innocence of the Southern Cross in this matter. God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors, Southern Legal Resource Center
Honorary Life Member, Zebulon Vance Camp 15, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida
Honorary Scot of Austin
Recipient, National Sons of Confederate Veterans, H.L. Hunley Award
Honorary Life Member, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia Orders of the Confederate Rose
President, Southern heritage 411