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An Open Letter & Open Report / Capitol Day In Tallahassee / Onwards

April 25, 2019

Capitol Day In Tallahassee / Onwards

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

On Friday, April 19, 2019, as you and the Honorable Attorney David McCallister led a group of citizens outside the Governors Mansion asking for his help and support for two Bills(Veterans Monument Protection, and the Heart Beat Bill) sponsored by State Representative Mike Hill and Senator Dennis Baxley, that have remained in committees as a stall tactic by their Chairs to have them die there. Don in the uniform of the Southern soldier, with his colors in hand, to the delight of so many, I would make my way on to the Capitol grounds where the Confederate Cenotaphs stands, post the Colors, pose for photos, and field many questions from those present.

The first to come to where I stood was a young white woman who chastised me for having on a Confederate uniform with so many children from around the state being present on Capitol Day, especially the young black ones she felt would find offense at my presence.

I was so happy that, at that very moment, a group composed of approximately 30 young black babies and approximately eight young white babies with what I guessed to be their teachers and parents formed a circle around me. The young white woman stepped back in glee as she remarked, “Now you deal with this,” as she motioned to one of the black ladies to have at me, backing away all the time.

The black lady, a teacher or parent I presumed, said that those in her entourage were so very curious about my presence at the Capitol dressed in a Confederate soldiers uniform while brandishing the Confederate battle flag, and if there was a message that I was trying to convey?

I told her that I had been at the Governor’s First Responders and Veterans Inauguration event, where he had touted the great state of Florida as being the foremost Veterans friendly state in the union, and that his administration would always posture itself to those ends. However, as a Veterans monument protection bill sat in the committees with various committee, chairs invoking stalling tactics to keep them there until they would die, the Governor failed to respond to the request of his citizens to use his powers to help move the bills out of committee for vote.

I told her that the Confederate soldier is an American Veteran due any and all amenities given other veterans. And in my opinion, it was the fear of these committee chairs that if such a bill would pass, they would by law be required to afford the same protection to the Confederate soldiers monument as any other veterans Cenotaph.

Why? “I think they are pretty,” said one young black girl. I told her that a Southern General, the Honorable Patrick Ronane Clayborne, in a circular message had not only asked the President, the Honorable Jefferson Davis, for the Southern Africans to be brought into the Confederate army to fight and, furthermore, that if the Union won the war, they would lie about the cause and conduct of the war. And they did, and continue to do so at every wakening moment, primarily using black folks as their weapon of choice against the Southern white man while denying the place of honor they earned beside a man they not only caused master, but family and friend.

I told those babies and this young black lady that those who hate the South and our way of life, and arguably the Constitution that govern us have come again using the carnage in Charleston, South Carolina, by a deranged doped up young man and a photoshopped picture of one of the most sacred symbols in the South, the Confederate battle flag, as a catalyst to champion Southern social and cultural genocide. However, if they stayed together in love as family, all the king’s men and all the king’s women would never be able to move us apart or destroy our Southern family.

There would be others to come. One I could tell that he was a black bigot, but thank God he stayed long enough for the Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Panama City, Florida, to move and change his biased and bigoted thoughts. I would be summoned to a press conference in the state capitol.

When I was summoned to the podium to speak, the media gathered would begin right away removing their microphones from the podium, turning out the lights as if I was an airborne virus. I asked of them, “Why are you running now?” One would reply, “We’ve got something else more important to cover.” I had not noticed, but in the balcony above where I stood, those same black and white babies that I had just finished talking to were waving profusely to me. It was a sight and display of love that I and those gathered at this press conference shall never forget, except for the press who refused to record a picture of this.

I would only feel saddened on this day because I could not answer the call of so many from Pittsboro, North Carolina (Chatham County) to come and speak at their city council meeting for the sole purpose of saving their Confederate Cenotaph from the carnage and outright sacrilege now sweeping the South as the white folk guilters, damn Yankees and unknowledgeable blacks all reading from the talking points provided to them from the now disgraced Morris Dee’s website of the Southern Poverty Law Center on what to say to get councils, boards and commissions to eradicate all Confederate monuments, and any and all tributes to their leaders from the public scene and psychic.

On Sunday, April 28, 2019, the Lord’s willing, I shall give the keynote speech for Confederate Memorial Day in the city cemetery in Marion, Alabama, for the 12th year in a row to pay tribute to the fallen heroes in this historic town still reeling from the effects of reconstruction, and the Yankee dialogue meant to keep its citizens, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners, from the table of brotherhood espoused by a man named King, and his wife from the county, named Coretta Scott, who is rumored here to be the illegitimate daughter of a President called Lyndon Bane Johnson.

And not to forget a prominent black Commissioner who came from behind his seat in the council chambers to physically assault a black woman married to a white who would voice disagreement to an issue she disagreed with him. And later, he would remark to the local newspaper that if anybody came on his property, he would shoot them down like he did a dog he found rummaging through his trash can. He would go on to say that he lived, and wished for the day when there were no white people living in Marion. He has almost gotten his wish.

When all is said and done, it will be an honor for me to read the names of those fallen heroes of Marion who never came back to their home as they fought those who would invade the South, and later worked so hard to divide a man called master from a man that he called family and friend. God bless you!

Your Brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center
Loyal Southern Black Man
President, Southern Heritage 411