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An Open Letter & Open Report – Conversations In The Streets

From: “HK Edgerton” []
Date: Aug 14, 2019
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Conversations In The Streets
To: “LM S” []

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

On Tuesday, August 14, 2019, on the four lane road of Patton Avenue on the west side of Asheville, I would find myself surrounded by a group of young people; five young black men, four young black women and their friends; five young white men, and six young white women. They had questions galore.

#1. Mr. HK, we read that you believe that the white people in the fiasco in Charlottesville, Virginia got a bad rap. Could you give us your remonstrance?

I would tell them that first of all, I knew a lot of those God fearing decent people who went to Charlottesville for the sole purpose of peaceful protests against the planned carnage of the War Memorial of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee, a Christ like figure in the South. They did everything possible to make it peaceful; obtained a permit and began to express their First Amendment right of free speech.

The Mayor should have gone to jail for telling his law enforcement to stand down, and allowing the supposed counter protestors (domestic terrorists) who had no permit to attack these God fearing Southerners left to face baseball bats wrapped in barb wire, feces and urine to be tossed at them and their children. The permit they had for lawful assembly afforded them the basic protection of the law.

In order to justify the lawlessness of these domestic terrorists (ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and whomever else George Soros sent), these God fearing, law abiding white folks were all labeled white Supremacists, or White Nationalists.

They all saw what happened in New Orleans when the scalawag Mayor there told his law enforcement to stand down.

The black police chief of Charlottesville resigned because his conscience was eating him up. And, he expressed that standing down was wrong, and was a contributing factor in the loss of the life of a young woman who was killed. Bottom line … if you are a Southern white and make an attempt to defend the good name of your ancestors, you will be labeled a racist, White Nationalist or White Supremacist, and any black man who stands with you? Not enough time to quote what you will be called.

Before the next question would come, a middle aged white man would come rushing up and said, “Why are you young people standing here talking to this joker with that racist flag? And, a Negro at that. He should be ashamed for disgracing his people.”

Before I, or anyone could reply, the biggest of the young black men went right up to this fellow, poking him in the chest as he spoke. “For your information sir, Mr. HK is a hero to his people, which includes all of us,” he said while circling his hands around all gathered. “And furthermore, this flag, Mr. HK, can I hold it?” “Yes, Sir,” I replied, handing it to him.

“This flag is the second most sacred symbol of the South, second only to the Christian Bible. And, if you don’t like us standing here talking to Mr. HK, then you should probably get to stepping.” My babies started clapping, and he slinked away without another word.

#2. Mr. HK, what did Governor Nikki Haley say to the South Carolina Legislature to garner a 2/3 majority vote to take the battle flag off the Confederate soldiers monument, especially after Senator Lindsay Graham would proclaim that the flag had nothing to do with the insane act of a doped up Dylan Roof? And, did she as well as the Legislature know that it was a photoshopped picture of the battle flag shown in his hand? And was he not also photographed with the Stars and Stripes with the weapon he used in hand?

“I wish I could answer your questions,” was my reply. I know that the family members of the victims of this heinous act wanted to leave it up to the Almighty God to usher out any punishment given to Roof; however, all the poverty pimps who descended upon South Carolina were having none of that. So they climbed into bed with the fake news media, and a weak kneed Governor, and held the Christian Cross of St. Andrew responsible for the act of this mad, doped up mass murderer. And from that moment on, circled the wagon of our fallen heroes and championed in this new era of Southern social and cultural genocide.

#3. Mr. HK, you have written much about Southern black people paying the cost for boot blacks and poverty pimps climbing into bed with those who raped, murdered and plundered the South after the War For Southern Independence during the period known as Southern reconstruction. How do black folks avoid the same now as we are being used once again as the weapon of choice by the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the NAACP and, as you call them, poverty pimps like Al Sharpton, to further this new agenda of hate?

Heed the words of men like Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina; Dr. L. King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King; former Secretary of State, the Honorable C. Rice; the Honorable Ambassador, Andrew Young; and President Donald Trump, as the parallels of history are the same. And, not to forget the words of Dr. Martin Luther King about the attack on the Southern Cross, “Leave IT Alone!”

And, help men like myself who carry the burden of battle every day for the vindication against the wrong heaped upon an honorable people called Southern! My babies would pass the hat, and present me with $70. God bless you!

Your brother,