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An Open Letter – Deserved Accolades

From: “HK Edgerton” []
Date: Aug 26, 2019
Subject: An Open Letter / Deserved Accolades
To: “LM S” []

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

It was very heart warming at the last Save Southern Heritage Conference Call to hear the National Adjutant of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to not only recognize, but also to heap deserving praise upon you for the tremendous amount of work and effort that your leadership has so positively affected and influenced efforts of others around the country to step forward in the defense of our Southern Heritage.

It comes at a time when many of the prima donnas and high minded primates that you have to lead who have a tendency to beat up on you (to include myself) and forget the hour of your superior leadership, and just how far forward of our very own thinking process that your mind is in a realm beyond our very own.

And, I hope that great women and men like Seber Newsome of Save Southern Heritage will join me in saying thanks to you for a job well done! God bless you!

Your faithful Servant,

HK Edgerton