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An Open Letter / Death In The Family

December 14, 2019

Death In the Family

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

As I stood yesterday with the Southern Cross in hand, surrounded by many young people with questions about Silent Sam and the cancellations of Christmas parades in our home state of North Carolina, as I bragged about the grand time I had alongside Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy and their families and friends in the Plant City and Zephyrhills, Florida Christmas parades, I would receive a phone call from my little brother, Terry Lee, informing me that our cousin, who would offer up his home in Placentia, California, as I prepared to give the keynote speech to the California Sons Of Confederate Veterans last spring in Bakersfield at their state reunion, had just passed away.

James Emezi Cunningham would hail from my mom’s hometown of Anderson, South Carolina, and would always tell his friends how jubilant he was when I gave the keynote speech for Confederate Memorial Day on the courthouse grounds in Anderson, and how proud he was of Terry Lee and I when we accomplished the feat of the Historic March Across Dixie.

My hope is that when he reaches heaven, he will get the chance to confabulate with his favorite Confederate General, the Honorable General Wade Hampton.” I just couldn’t control the tears that quickly formed in my eyes, and had to tell those gathered what I had just learned. Even the lone Yankee would reach out his arms to embrace me as all those gathered would do. I would thank everyone and make my way home. God bless you!

Your brother,