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An Open Letter & Open Report / Brooksville Raid, School Days

January 22, 2020

Brooksville Raid, School Days

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

It was an honor for me to return alongside you and the ladies of the Augusta Jane Evans Chapter 2640 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy for the School Days event of the Brooksville re- enactment of the War Between the States on Friday, January 17, 2020.

I was so proud of the many teachers who made a special effort to bring parents to our area so that they, too, could hear the presentations we gave to their children about the role of the black Confederate soldier in not only their participation in Florida’s Confederate Armed Forces, but also of the role that his family made back at the home place in support of General Lee’s Army.

HK Edgerton at Brooksville Raid Living History

My job was made easy because of the visual display board that highlighted undisputable facts of their participation: +/ -65,000 Southern blacks participated in the armed forces (Slave and Free); 13,000 of these “saw the elephant” (met the enemy in combat) captured & held in POW camps.

And not to forget, the Un-Civil War book, authored by the Honorable Mike Scruggs, that I frequently quoted from …” It is incumbent upon those who value truth, fairness, good will, reasonable tolerance and charity in society to educate themselves on the true history and meaning of this conflict that pitted brother against brother.”

I would certainly implore academias who profess to celebrate Black History Month to contact you at: to avail themselves a copy of this Black History poster, and Mike Scruggs for a copy of the Un-Civil War book at:

I would return to Brooksville on Sunday morning, and after attending the church services, join up with the Confederate forces as the Battalion Color Sgt. during the battlefield re-enactment. My hope is that I will be invited again next year. God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center
Honorary Life Member, Augusta Jane Evans Chapter 2640, United Daughters of the Confederacy
Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida
Honorary Life Member, Isham W. Garrott Sons of Confederate Camp 764
Honorary Life Member, Kentucky Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member, Forrest Orphans Home Camp 1744, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member, Longstreet Zollicoffer Camp 87, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Confederate Legion, Judah P. Benjamin Camp 2210, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member, North Carolina, Tennessee & Georgia, Orders of the Confederate Rose
President, Southern Heritage 411