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An Open Letter & Open Report / Black History Month 2020

February 5, 2020

Black History Month 2020

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

As many Americans celebrate the month of February as Black History Month, I am constantly reminded of the words of Willie McCoy, a black man who came out to meet, greet and provide us with a wealth of information as we made our way on the “Historic March Across Dixie” down the State designated “Civil Rights Highway” (Highway 80) in Lowens County, Alabama, that Dr. Martin Luther King and his entourage traveled from Selma to Montgomery, and now I would trod from Montgomery to Selma.

This man, Mr. McCoy, would say pointing to me, “is standing up for dry bones.” For those courageous men, and arguably women, who earned a place of honor in the South before, during and after the War Between the States. (See the March Aaross Dixie Pictorial Journal and the DVD documentary of this historic journey, authored by Terry Lee Edgerton).

Names of noble men (Holt Collier, Rev. Mack Lee, Horace King, Dr. Alexander Darnes, Polk Arnold, Napoleon Nelson, Christopher Columbus Quarrels, John F. Harris, Nathan Best, Robert J. Emerson, Ed Thomas, Anthony T. Welters, Levi Carmine, Dick Poplar, George Mills, and Louis Middleton – ironically, the Black Confederate soldier buried on the grounds of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where Dylan Roof committed his carnage).

The remarkable contributions they made in the service of the Confederate Armed Services, and to the society in which they lived, will not be mentioned by the likes of Kevin Levin and his co-conspirators, whose sole purpose in life is to disprove their existence. In fact, their mere existence proves everyday that he is in a state of being without knowledge, and profits on the deliverance of hate. Providing facts to him is like giving food to a dead man.

This month, God willing, I shall don the uniform of the Southern soldier and post the Southern Cross at the entrance of many schools, highways and bi-ways and tell the many who will come on behalf of the two and one half Southern Bonds men, Bonds women, Freed men and Freed women who, from 1861 to 1865, loyally served and supported the Confederate cause in however humble and noble capacity.

Most importantly, I will tell them about the bonds of love and affection between black and white that transcended the institution of slavery, and is so incomprehensible to people from the North. And, how they worked so hard to divide and separate Southern blacks and Southern whites.

I will tell them how the Northern Press descended upon the Capitol in Columbia after a crazed and doped up Dylan Roof killed nine black parishioners as they opened their arms to invite him to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

I will tell them how the Northern Press, led by the hate-baiting Southern Poverty Law Center, descended upon the Capitol grounds in Columbia, and went over to the Confederate soldiers Cenotaph, and proclaimed “that all the flags in the state were at half mast, with the exception of that evil and racist Rebel flag on the Confederate monument.” And furthermore, neither the United Daughters of the Confederacy, who own the monument, or the Sons of Confederate Veterans had the decency to bring it to half-mast.

Standing close by and overhearing the conversation that he, himself, just had with his dad, a baby boy of about nine years old indicated to them, that neither the UDC nor SCV had the power to bring the flag to half-mast – only the Governor or Legislature could do it.

This revelation sent the fake news media into frenzy. They found a picture of Roof holding the pistol that he supposedly used on his murderous rampage, a flag that resembled the Liberian National flag. They also found a picture of him holding the Star and Stripes.

However, neither met their planned narrative that the Confederate Battle flag caused Roof’s actions. So, they photoshopped a picture, and suddenly there was Roof with our beloved Christian Cross of St. Andrew in one hand and a pistol in the other. They presented that picture to the world with the proclamation that the Confederate Battle flag somehow caused Roof to do what he did.

Even after Senator Lindsay Graham had proclaimed that the flag had nothing to do with what Roof did, Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina, finally saw the opportunity to get even with the white people who kept her out of a beauty pageant as a teen in Bamberg, because the rule of entrance was that you either had to be white or black to enter. She was neither.

Haley claimed that out of fear of the domestic terrorists that might descend upon South Carolina, and her concern for the feelings of those who passed the monument every day, and have to look at a flag that offends them, she felt compelled to have it taken down.

After twisting the arms of the politically correct legislature, the Southern Cross was removed in shame. And, this ushered in an era of Southern social and cultural genocide at levels not even seen during so called twelve years of reconstruction – harkening to the Nazi Cultural Purge, ISIS destruction in the Middle East and the Mao Cultural Revolution. The sad part is that Haley continues to travel the country bragging about just proud she is for doing what she did.

I will tell them that the Confederate soldiers Cenotaph is representive of ALL her soldiers – Red, Yellow, Black and White – and that their colors are a venerated symbol by an act of the United States Congress, and that the Confederate soldier is an American Veteran due all the amenities of any other American Veteran. God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center
Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida
Loyal Son of Southern Slaves
Kentucky Colonel

Honorary Scot of Austin
President, Southern Heritage 411