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An Open Letter – Hickory Ridge High School

April 11, 2020

Hickory Ridge High School

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

I read about the baby that is the cross-hairs at her school after posing on a statue of her school mascot with the Southern Cross at Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, NC.

If this school would teach these students at least during “so-called” Black History Month as does the Jr. ROTC Program at King High School in Tampa, Florida, then they would know that the false narrative about the Southern Cross is a yankee public school lie that began during Reconstruction in 1865.

They would know that the Southern Cross belongs to the Red, Yellow, Black and White men and women of the integrated Southern armed forces who fought under it. They would know about the Honorable General Robert E. Lee’s body servant who got himself educated on the funds given to him by the General.

I speak of the Honorable Rev. Mack Lee, who built the first credit union in America that helped the freed African people move toward social vertical mobility. I speak of Mack Lee, who built churches in both the South and North.

I speak of Rev. Mack Lee, who told the African people …… “get yourself educated, get yourself some property, keep your faith in our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, and beyond all else, put your trust only in the Southern white man!”

I speak of Rev. Mack Lee who, like the Honorable Napoleon Nelson, Levi Carnine, Holt Collier, Horace King, Polk Arnold, Christopher Columbus Quarls, Nathan Best, James Burney, Albert Clayton, Butler G. Cox, Chesterfield Goode, Robert Jimerson, Jule Lewis, Jerry Rhodes, Ed Thomas, West Chapman, Walter M. Bryson, John Edgerton, Anthony T. Welters, Sam Cullom, Hampton Straford, John F. Harris, Jason Boone, were among the many blacks who fought on the side of the South in the War for Southern Independence.

And, not to forget the monument called the New South that stands in Stonewall Circle, the resting place for the Confederate dead in Arlington National Cemetery, sculpted by Virginia Military Institute graduate Moses Ezekiel, one panel clearly shows an armed black Rebel soldier marching with three fellow white troops.

Ezekiel knew exactly what the racial composition of many of these units was, and he also knew that if he didn’t put that black soldier in the Cenotaph, it would be inaccurate.

It is high time for young black students to learn the truth about what the real relations and relationships between the African people who not only went off to war with a man that they not only caled Master, but family, and friend as well.

And, not to forget the trained cadre of black folks on plantations all across the South who made the implements, provided the food stuffs for General Lee’s beleaguered army, and those who stayed at home trying to the protect the defenseless old men, women and children against war criminals with Lincoln’s General Orders to take the theater of war (Total War Policy) to their front door.

And, of Sherman’s words of explanation of this ….. I have orders from the commanding chief to burn them out, rape, rob, plunder, and there shall never be an accounting for we do.

So go and tell this to these knowledge-depleted black students and their families who have bought into the yankee public school doctrine about the Southern Cross that their ancestors earned a place of honor in service of in the integrated Confederate Armed Services. God bless that baby with the courage to display the Southern Cross and God bless you!

Your brother,