Our mission is to reveal the truth of the War for Southern Independence with particular emphasis on the contributions black people made to support the South in its struggle for independence.

There were an estimated 50,000 blacks who served willingly as Confederate soldiers and almost four million other blacks who stayed on the farms, plantations and factories in the South of their own free will. These blacks supported the Confederate army by supplying them with food and supplies. The ancestors of most blacks living in the United States today supported the Confederacy and have a right to be proud of their ancestor’s service to the South. The Confederate Battle Flag is their flag also.

Federal history has hidden and altered the truth of the role blacks played in the War for Southern Independence. The federal government used “slavery” as an excuse to invade the peaceful Southern states in an effort to keep the millions in revenue they were extracting from the South in the form of tariffs. They have taught their Yankee version of history in our public schools for the last 140+ years and have purposely taught hatred, misunderstanding and ignorance between the black and white races.

Southern Heritage 411 will strive to educate the public about the truth of the South’s struggle for a democratic and representative government and it will tell the stories of the millions of blacks who supported the South in it’s struggle for independence.

Southern Heritage 411 will promote this discourse and education via our web site, speaking engagements throughout our nation, marches down our public highways, demonstrations in appropriate venues, DVDs, radio and television, newspapers and through various other media outlets.

Southern Heritage 411 believes that when the real truth is known about the War for Southern Independence, there will be a mutual understanding and a shared bond between the races that will result in improved race relations all over our nation.