Post-Op Report on Gettysburg

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Greetings fellow Southerners

My apology for getting to this so late, but family life is hectic right now
getting the kids ready for school and having just gotten back form our recent
engagement. I am very happy to report, that yet again, the 37th Texas and its
Conglomeration of honorable heritage defenders scored yet another major heritage
victory for the South. Contrary to the opinions of others, the media once again
did a good job in reporting the events of the day in regards to our purpose
and strategy. Furthermore, the NPS, and accompanying law enforcement officials
were also very cordial and respectful, and worked very well with and for us.

We stepped onto the field for our engagement at around 1:20 just after the
Klan had gotten started. I think starting later actually worked for us in that
I believe it lulled the KKK into a sense of "maybe they aren’t going to
show." As the newspapers stated 7 reenactrors, 3 of which were 37th Texas,
and one of which was my good friend Mike Wolgemuth a Union blue reenactor, SUV
member, and one of the staunchest Southern heritage defenders North or South
that I know. Mike and I led everyone in a rousing chorus of War time song, including
the singing of Dixie, and stood strong, tall and proud as did our ancestors
in yester years. Union Mike wants to have as much prior notice as possible the
next time we take on the Klan, as he wishes to bring his entire Unit next time
and really hammer the message home.

The only thing that would have made the day go much better would have been
to have a lot more Southern warriors there with us. I issued a challenge through
my conversations with the media. I basically stated that the Klan has been allowed
for too long to claim and misuse and abuse our history and heritage for too
long. The battle lines have been drawn, and whenever the set foot on our sacred
land, we will forever meet them in honor, duty and pride.

In Duty and Honor,

Bob Harrison, 1st Sergeant
37th Texas Cavalry, Company B, CSA

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