Mayor urges no Confederate flags at Battle of Franklin commemoration

By Kevin Walters
Staff Writer
Tuesday, 10/03/06

Franklin Mayor Tom Miller says he does not want Confederate flags to be flown
during a commemoration of the upcoming 1864 Battle of Franklin anniversary.

Calling the flag an "anathema" to some, Miller said his decision
would likely be criticized by others.

The ceremony would also be without antique rifles because of concerns expressed
by Police Chief Jackie Moore regarding safety.

Meanwhile, the location of the ceremony on the Franklin square is a sticking
point for City Administrator Jay Johnson. He had pushed to hold the ceremony
on the former Country Club of Franklin property, which private donors helped
the city purchase for $5 million last year because of its significance to the
1864 battle.

During a committee meeting last night, Franklin aldermen gave their initial
support to spending $5,000 on the ceremony. Aside from funding, ceremony organizers
still need a permit to close the square to traffic

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