I get offended, too

Daily News
Thursday, November 2, 2006

Garland Edmonson, a black American, writes to tell us how offended he gets at the mere sight of a
Confederate flag on a swamp buggy or pickup truck in a parade.

He gets so incensed that he calls us terrorists and Taliban.

Well, I get offended when millions of illegal immigrants march in our streets demanding their
“rights.” I also get offended when foreigners burn American flags on our soil. And I get offended
when any minority (blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, gays, et al.) get preferential treatment simply
because they are a minority.

Unfortunately, even though our Constitution grants us many rights, it does not give us the right “not
to be offended.”

So I suggest you stop being offended by a flag at a parade, and start worrying about the big things
going on today like the ongoing invasion of illegals that is engulfing our nation.

The real Taliban is hard at work in this country today and here you are complaining about people
whistling “Dixie.”

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