Al Benson, Jr. : Finally, Some Parents Are Getting The Message

Monday, November 13, 2006

Much of the ethnic cleansing in the South in regard to Confederate heritage has
taken place in the hallowed halls of the government school system. These supposed
institutions of “learning” have been among the most stalwart in the
promotion of the denigration and hopeful elimination of anything perceived as
being with Southern or Confederate in nature. Of course to accomplish their humanist,
anti-Christian agenda these schools could do nothing else. Southern history and
heritage must be done away with, tossed down the “memory hole” otherwise
students can not be taught that they are “citizens of the world.”

Most students and parents that have been victims of ethnic cleansing, or better
yet, cultural genocide, regarding Confederate symbols in government schools
have protested, complained, and eventually the kids have been returned to those
same schools so their brainwashing can continue apace, which it does.

This identical situation recently arose in Alvin, Texas, a small town between
Houston and Galveston. Two students, Robert Kaufman Jr. and Marshall Alexander,
both 13 years of age, had problems this fall. Robert had a Confederate flag
on his loose-leaf binder (now there’s a criminal act worthy of at least
ten years in the pen) and Marshall wore a belt buckle that displayed both the
American and Confederate flags on it (another major crime). They were ordered
to remove these articles by politically correct school officials afraid of “divisive”
symbols. Not only that, they were threatened with bodily harm by certain students.
Of course this gave the school authorities the reason they needed to order such
offensive materials off campus permanently. The account I read never mentioned
whether the school authorities ever sought to punish the students making the
threats, but if they didn’t I wouldn’t be surprised. Rather than
go after student troublemakers it was much easier, and more politically correct
to just eradicate the Confederate symbols. Presumably after that was accomplished
the two students would return with heads hung in everlasting repentance and
that would be the end of that.

It didn’t quite work out that way. In this case, as unfortunately, in
too few others, the parents of the two youngsters seem to have gotten the message.
Both boys have been withdrawn from the government school system and are now
being taught at home, which is as it should be. This is exactly the same reaction
that parents of kids caught in similar situations around the country should
take. Make your complaints and protests to the school system, let them know
what you think in as respectul a manner as is possible under the circumstances
and then let them know your kids won’t be coming back–ever!

Of course if families in the South ever really knew the history of the government
school system, especially in this part of the country, it might help a few more
of them to arrive at that decision. In one article I read it was duly noted
that the Confederate flag has been associated with the Ku Klux Klan and other
such groups, but then the flag of the United States has also been associated
with these same groups also, but that little item is never noted. I’ve
seen photos of Klan gatherings where there were literally hundreds of United
States flags flying in the breeze, and nary a Confederate flag in sight. But,
then, we’re not supposed to notice that.

After all the fuss, both students and parents have filed complaints and requested
apologies from the school system. Don’t hold your breath folks. That’s
not going to happen. Those people don’t admit they are wrong. In fact,
one of the school’s edu-politicians, a TimTurner, said “The display
of Confederate flags by students has become culturally divisive and will not
be permitted on campus.” What about Malcolm X tee-shirts or Mexican flags?
Are they “culturally divisive” also? Well, they probably are, but
that will not be dealt with–only Confederate and Southern symbols will be removed.
The rest will be ignored and if some youngster from a “culturally diverse”
group ends up beating up a white youngster–well it was probably the white guy’s
fault anyway–even if the other kid started it! That’s the way the game
is played nowadays.

One of the school’s officials noted that: “We all regret when a
child is withdrawn to be home-schooled.” I’ll just bet they do.
Two less students to get federal dollars from Washington for and two less minds
to be shaped for the New World Order. If they are taught at home these kids
might actually learn to think and question–and that’s bad news.

About five years ago I wrote an article for the Patriotist website,
entitled “The Unitarian/Socialist Foundations of Public Education.”
For anyone interested it should still be out there on that website. Although
the website has not been recently updated it is still out there and contains
many fine articles by several writers. Check it out and find my old article
and read a little about the ‘sterling” history of the government
school system.