When Mexico, Canada And The United States Are One

by Paul McGuire

In a recent interview with Tony Snow the White House Press Secretary on the Paul McGuire Show, he was
questioned on his knowledge of the coming North American Union of Mexico, Canada and the United States.
Thousands of pastors from all over the country gathered at a leadership conference, in which I was given
the opportunity to share my knowledge of the coming merger. With blank faces, the pastors admitted to
being unaware of such an event ever occurring or even taking place at this moment. In an effort to
inform the nation, I have notified over ten million people through various television shows, such as
the Fox News Network and detailing this threat in my book “Are You Ready?”.

The majority of America is appallingly ignorant of the reality of Canada, Mexico and the United
States merging. Like a deer frozen by the headlights of a car barreling down on it, the United States
is dumbfounded when the coming North American Union is discussed. America has been “dumbed-down”.
This is obvious from the lack of knowledge of extensive credible documentation from reliable
mainstream sources on the coming merger. For example, the Council on Foreign Relations published
an extensive report in May of 2005 entitled “Building a North American community – Report of an
Independent Task Forces” detailing the creation of the North American Community or Union with an
expected completion date of 2010 A.D.

The report states on page ten, “What We Should Do by 2010 – Lay the groundwork for the freer flow of
people within North America. The three governments should commit themselves to the long-term goal of
dramatically diminishing the need for the current intensity of the government’s physical control of
cross-border traffic, travel, and trade within North America.” “North America” is defined as the
fusion of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The goal of the Council of Foreign Relations is to
eradicate existing borders between these nations, not enforce them.

The Freedom of Information Act allows access to over a thousand pages of internal government documents
filed by the Judicial Watch, provided by Dr. Jerome Corsi and Jim Gilchrist. These documents detail the
United States government officials, agencies, individuals and multi-national corporations that are a
part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. This partnership facilitates the
unification of North American Union. The specific names of the various United States Secretary’s,
governmental flow charts and the names of working groups which consists of the highest level government
officials, agencies and corporations are available for public view.

In addition, “Are You Ready?” gives details about the coming merger of Mexico, Canada and the United
States and its relationship to Bible prophecy. Dr. Tim Lahaye read it and has not only recommended it,
but remarked that it contained all kinds of information that he was not aware of. Some people have said
that “Are You Ready?” is to the 21st Century what the “Late Great Planet Earth” was to an earlier
generation. I have been overwhelmed with E Mails from all over the world about the warning I placed
in the book. In addition, I have a new novel coming out that will deal with this subject, the war on
terrorism and other prophetic issues.

At the end of World War II, the groundwork for the European Union was formed through the creation
of the Council of Europe. Utilizing a method called “gradualism” developed by Jean Monnet, a series of
apparently innocucous trade and tariff treaties were signed. Jean Monnet, who was impacted by the
events of World War I, was the Deputy Secretary of the League of Nations which was created to aid the
development of global government. Later it evolved into the United Nations. Monnet clearly concealed
a hidden political agenda inserted in the various trade treaties that were being signed. The true
purpose of these treaties was to create the legal structure for the powerful European Union and a new
European Union Constitution.

Why should people be concerned about the new European Union Constitution? They should be concerned
because the European Union along with its new Constitution is the model of a North American Union and a
new North American Union Constitution. Recently, the German Government arrested Christian home
schooling parents. The parents were handcuffed, the mothers were strip searched, and thrown in jail.
The German Government forced the children of these parents to attend public school. Why? The German
Government declared that it could not tolerate children in Germany being educated in any other way
than secular humanism and moral relativism.

The German Christian home schooling parents appealed to the European Courts and the ruling of the
German Government was upheld by the European Union Courts. German Christians were failed to see
when the European Union Constitution was implemented they lost their religious liberties. No court
of appeals is available to these Christians in Germany. In the same manner, once the North American
Union and North American Union Constitution are implemented through a series of apparently innocuous
trade treaties like NAFTA, GATT, WTO, Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and the
North American Union, it can only be expected that such events will follow. The end goal will be to
duplicate both the European Union and the new European Union Constitution. However, like in Germany,
most Americans are oblivious to these realities.

For those who have doubt about the coming merger of Mexico, Canada and the United States, consider
that beginning next year a series of NAFTA Superhighways are beginning construction. The TTC or
Trans-Texas Corridor is a ten lane highway that would bisect Texas from its border with Mexico to
Oklahoma. This would parallel I-35. In order to build this highway 584,000 acres of farm and ranch
land will be seized. The TTC will be the first part of a heartland of America all the way to
Canada. A Kansas City Smart Port will be constructed that will receive Chinese goods in sealed cargo
containers from the southern Mexican port of Lazaro Cardinas to Kansas City, Missouri.

There are plans for additional “NAFTA Superhighways” to begin construction soon. I have had
listeners of the Paul McGuire Show say that they have talked to friends who are part of the
construction of the “NAFTA Superhighway” in Kansas City, and they have been told, “How did you know
about this? It is supposed to be a secret.” They responded I read about it in Paul McGuire’s book
“Are You Ready?” Another listener E-Mailed me and said, “The uniting of Mexico, the US and Canada
has hit me in the backyard literally. I live in So Cal but an from Texas – the massive freeway
from Mexico, through the U.S. up to Canada is on the map to go right through my family’s farmland.
I just found out about 3 weeks ago. And when they want the land they are going to take it by
force – Imminent Domain, and it is going to ruin rural Texas forever. It makes me sick. Everyone
feels powerless…I am buying several copies of your book to give to my family in Texas.”

What we are seeing is precisely what the Prophet Daniel wrote about and Revelation Chapters 17-18.
Regional global governments like the European Union and the North American Union are paving the way
for a new Roman Empire that will become the one world government.

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